Most People Live Within The Margins of Their Beliefs

How strange is this life to be born into this body, to be given to uncertain parents?  This very unpredicable and complex world is so bazarre.  Is this our higher selves, or are we in the mud?  Are we complicit, or are we agents of change?  If change, what is this change we seek?

Are we the creator of chaos?  Are we fools with a goat, the witch, or are we enlightened beings?  For those in power it is all about rigging the system to get rich, while everyone else fall in line and take what is given to them.  Everything is all about the short term goal; money and greed.

Most people live within the margins of their beliefs, and their fussy headed idealistic notions that do not really apply to the real world.  The rich and powerful keep silent their true knowledge of the world.  They deceive the masses with mindless television, and other mainstream forms of entertainment.  

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