The Rise of The Coming Slave System

by George X Lampkin

Writing this commentary is very alarming and disturbing to me.  I wish to bring some clarity to what we are witnessing on the world stage.  Master Fard Muhammad, the Founder of The Nation of Islam, has given us a unique perspective in recognizing the coming 'Fall of America' and her fall from the world's stage as a world superpower.  He has given us the ability to use our intellect to understand the apparent things we see and the unseen things we cannot see with the naked eye.  

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We were introduced to knowledge that revealed the true history of those that have been given control over the world for 6,000 years.  Master Fard Muhammad (right) taught us that white people were taught a particular science (art) called, tricknology.   They were taught to use this science to divide up the world and the people in the world.  Master Fard Muhammad raised up one from among us, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to teach us this knowledge and to further teach us that there is a far greater knowledge that awaits us, if we choose to follow him.  God wants to expand our thinking, so we may think deeper and farther into the past and the future.  We are enjoined to put on our thinking cap to see clearly the reasons why the world as we've known it will collapse into mass slavery and serfdom.  

I wish to help you understand that we are approaching a time in history in which the world will be plunged into the WWIII.  The Islamic world is planning to wage war against the money lenders.  The Zionist Western Bankers seek to take control of the world's oil resources.  They know that the modern world cannot run without oil.  Oil has become black gold.  The Middle East is filled with oil and on this sea of oil is Islam.  With the wealth of oil, Islam has spread worldwide.  


When we look at Africa, we see the presence of oil there as well.  Africa was colonialized by the west, and America and Europe have successfully managed puppet regimes for hundreds of years.  

Looking deeper into the Mideast, we see many so-called Muslims who welcomed western money-changers to infiltrate their lands with promise of massive wealth and world recognition.  With the development of oil production and distribution, the rich wealthy Arabs allowed their oil to be used as collateral; to gain assess to the west.  

Most middle eastern oil is controlled by financiers in London and New York.  Their oil is tied to Wall Street and London Stock Exchange Systems.  Middle East oil is dominated by Zionist forces.  Iran is the country to watch in the Middle East because Iran's oil reserves are not controlled by the west.  Iran is moving fast to trade its oil with an alternative currency.  So far, the world has been trading oil with the U.S. dollar.  

I wish to stress this point clearly.   When America and Israel decide to attack Iran in the near future, this tragic event will be the undoing of the dollar as the world's preferred currency.  Oil prices will skyrocket to $200 per barrel.  It can go even higher.  This means that it will take more dollars to buy gas at the pump; $10 or more per gallon.  The fall of the value of the dollar will cause food prices to spike, and other goods and serves will skyrocket as well.  


The United States will spend more of its financial resources towards security to head off mass uprisings from the America people.  The fall of the dollar will cause the collapse of the stock markets in Europe and America.  This poses an interesting topic here.  The stock market exist because it is a ponzi scheme.  The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.

The implications we see into this ponzi scheme, called Wall Street, is that pensions and retirement accounts are tied to the stock markets.  I am afraid to tell you that your life's savings will vanish from your accounts.  I know this may be bad news for some of you but the coming collapse of the dollar will cause the stock markets to collapse as well.  Savings will be wiped out and the people will hit the roof.  This reality will send people to the streets in mass protests against the government and the financial institutions.  In turn, Homeland Security will unleash their deadly force against the people.  Whole cities will be destroyed as a consequence of this collapse.  Paper money will be eliminated for good.  We will see a massive transfer of wealth towards the acquisition of land; for cheap.  

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Those of us who have lived in a wonderland state of consciousness will wake up to a world of insecurity, chaos and upheaval unlike the world has ever seen.  City life will become unbearable and each person will have to fight for his/her survival.  

The government will no longer provide financial assistance to the masses.  Employment guarantees will no longer be a safety net for millions who work for the federal, state and local governments.  Entitlement programs will come to a halt.  It's only a matter of time before this scenario unfolds.  


People Will Succumb To A New Reality

The above events will lead us all into a new reality.  Master Fard Muhammad in all his wisdom and knowledge knew full well what would be in store for us when the 'Fall of America' takes hold.  He knew that we would need a path to help us get beyond this coming calamity that awaits America.  The coming reality will send millions to their death and many will fall victim to a life of prostitution and crime.  Many people will serve as slaves while serving time in prison, and others will work for slave labor wages on plantations owned by the wealthy.  


Master Fard Muhammad's Nation of Islam is the perfect solution for the Black Man and Woman in America.  He left us a body of knowledge that will get us started; to think in a powerful way.  The lessons we've learned will enable us to think in a mathematical way.  The byproduct of thinking in a mathematical way will enable us to think strategically.  The act of marching and standing in ranks was imposed on us to teach us the value of thinking and moving in a collaborative manner.  The basis of building a new reality for ourselves, that we control, is established by discipline and moral uprightness.  Without this, we will not succeed in securing our place in the world.  

In this coming reality, we will witness the collapse of the U.S. Constitution.  We will no longer have the right to bear arms, to worship as we please, and to voice our opinion, i.e. free speech.  Houses of worship will be attacked by the coming government, i.e. Homeland Security.  

I can recall listening to The Honorable Louis Farrakhan some time ago, that new revolutionaries will rise from their homes because the houses of worship will be no more.  Imagine that.  What kind of climate will it be to not see a Church, Mosque, Temple, or Synagogue?  I say it's the vision of Master Fard Muhammad's 'Fall of America'. 


Well, let's imagine for a minute what that world would look like.  What are we to do?  Where will we go?  We have the answers!  We've been given solutions that will save us from the doom that awaits America.  The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has taught us that we must join unto our own kind, and that we must unite and collaborate with one another for our survival.  We must go to the land and we must secure some of the earth for ourselves.  He told us that we must pool our resources to gain power over the conditions and forces that are working against us.  He reminds us that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught unity of purpose and will.  


People Will Be To Poor To Resist The Powerful and The Rich

There will come a time when the powers-that-be will eliminate the intellectuals and the free-thinkers.  They will invest heavily into supporting assets that will lead the charge in creating an environment of violence and terror amongst the people.  Criminals will be weapons of choice to be used to destabilize the entire Black Community.  When black people turn to their white neighbors for help, they will be met with brute force and fire power.  Black people will be systematically neutralized as a significant threat to the wider population.  

The Zionist and White Supremacists will rule over the people with an iron rod.  People will fall under a cruel system that will be brutal and violent.  I cannot stress this enough.  

I encourage us all to wake up before it is to late.  Now is the time to wake up!  The sharp knife is at our throats and the enemy is about to cut us deep.  We have been deceived and we have been dumbed down as a people.  Our young people are distracted with sport and play.  Most of our people do not identify with our unique history.  They have embraced the lie that we all are equal, and that inter-racial relationships are the way to go.  

Master Fard Muhammad has given us a way out of the coming urban warfare.  He has given us Islam.  He designed for us a unique form of Islam that favors our particular situation at this immediate moment in time.  He gave us the Fruit of Islam (FOI) and the Muslim Girls Training (MGT).  These tenants of The Nation of Islam will prove to be a blessing to those of us who will fly to The Nation of Islam.  The people will be faced with violence all around them and they will turn to those who have been trained to stand up to this internal threat from those who have been co-opted by the enemy of our people.  The people will call for the annihilation of the evil doers in our communities.  The people will call for The Nation of Islam to intervene to stop the violence and the killing.  We will see the rise of The Nation of Islam in the days ahead.  


Power in the Black Community will be transferred to those who will do the work of establishing communities that will be ruled by the general orders and instructions given to us by Master Fard Muhammad.  According to The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, there won't be anything standing but the principles of Islam.  We've been told that we (Black People) all are Muslims by nature.  We were created as Muslims and Islam is our true religion.  

In this modern world, the people have rejected the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  In the days to come, when all hell breaks loose upon the nation and the world, people will seek out those who have been taught truths from the Messenger of God and His Christ.  

The threshold is being crossed by Zionist forces and they will lead America into a war with Iran.  They will do it in such a way that will cause America to topple financially and militarily.  America's strike against Iran will ignite a wider war with Russia and China.  

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I did not want to send you off into a fearful state, but I wanted to wake you up as well as encourage you to pay close attention to what's happening in foreign lands and territories.  These coming events will effect the masses of people here in America.  People will be betrayed by their politicians and their financial advisors.  People will lose faith in the system and they will be demoralized.  People will load their weapons and many will sharpen their knives; making themselves ready for war in the streets.  

We have a responsibility to restore moral law.  We have a responsibility to rebuild our cities.  We will be charged with creating commerce and trade amongst our people and others.  We will be responsible for establishing institutions of higher learning to teach our people skills.  We will have our work cut out for us.  We will succeed.  We have the knowledge and we have the will.  We have been brought back from the grave, as per The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.  Thank God for him.  

You can choose to believe what you want.  That's your business.  You can continue to hide your head in the sand.  You can believe in a 'Spook God' if you choose.  You can continue to denounce The Nation of Islam, but I warn you that you will be the loser in the days ahead.  

Thank you for reading the above commentary report and please pass this on to others who seek to find instruction and guidance.

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