A Plot is Underway To Destroy The Black Community, The Enemy is Among Us


- by George X Lampkin

What comes to mind when you think about the meaning of “diabolical”?  By definition, diabolical means “anything that is extremely wicked, cruel and evil.”  Often we view demonic activity in terms of obvious evil or spiritual attack, so we are not always aware of is how subtle the enemies of righteousness activities can be. 

The U.S. Government and their hidden agenda comes packaged so deceptively that we may never know we are coming under demonic attack. To shed some light on how the enemy works to destroy our lives, we must understand Allah’s view of what is diabolical.  According to the book of Proverbs 3, God considers evil to be arrogance and pride, as well as when people plot to harm others, and stir up dissention.  God hates the deception that happens in the small areas of our hearts.  The government acts and operates against the will of God.  God is opposed to anything that is contrary to Him and His agenda is to give us Freedom, Justice and Equality. 

Satan’s agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) The Bible describes Satan as our enemy who “prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).  

Eversince 1930, America has been dealing with a people who have been touched by a powerful Revolutionary from the far east. That Man was Master Fard Muhammad.  This man laid out a plan to produce good for Black People. However, we have been met with those in Washington, D.C. who have plotted and planned evil against Black People.  The American Government sent among us infiltrators in our movements.  The U.S. Government is no friend of Black People.  The government work right alone with the mass media networks in this country, to deceive the masses and to shape dangerous stereotypes, that makes life very difficult for the Black Man.  

FERGUSON, Missouri is ground zero for the government’s plan to impose martial law on the entire Black Community throughout America.  Black People will soon be met with high-power rifles and real bullets. 

There is a plot to isolate and alienate our Black Men from the mainstream flow of society, and our love ones.  The media have been involved in a scheme to criminalize the Black Man.  Stories  have been airing day-and-night this image that Black Men are shiftless and worthless.  

I tell you a plot is underway to destroy the Black Movement. The media has gotten our women hating their men; and thinking they can make it on their own.  The media and infiltrators have turned us all against one other.  We have lost our way!  We have turned against God and those principles that dressed us up; that made us reflect the will and desires of Allah. 


Four of the most powerful Black Voices in our modern time.  The enemy has set out to divide our leaders.  They have set out to marginalize our leaders, and have even killed our leaders.

All Black Political Groups have been marginalized and made weak.  The only working movement in America that truly represent the interests of Black People is The Nation of Islam.  The U.S. Government knows this and since the government is no friend of Black People, they have decided to unleash an elaborate scheme to utterly destroy the Black Nation.  

They set out to destroy the Black Nation when The Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed from our sight.  In just three years after his departure, a devoted student by the name of Louis Farrakhan stood up and dedicated himself to rebuilding the Nation of Islam.  We now live in 2014, and The Nation of Islam is thriving and flourishing in the mist of major turmoil, rumors of war, violence and global domination by the wicked.  This leader, Louis Farrakhan, is recieved by billions all over the world.  This man is one of us; for he was raised from our ranks.  He was raised by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad; bearing witness that we should come back to his teachings and guidance.  


“When particles are marshaled in RANKS so that a number of them face in one direction, the substance is a magnet.” - by Brother Minister Jabril Muhammad

Just like in 1974, we are met with the same situation, where the enemy and his infiltrators are present to plant the seeds of evil in the weak and the not-so-learned members of The Nation of Islam, supporters and sympathizers.  The enemy is on the move to break up the most powerful movement that ever came to Black People.  This evil enemy is killing the male gender in our minds.  The Black Woman has given up on the Black Man.  The Black Man is being made a scapegoat for all the wrongs we see in society.  

President Obama is being made to look like a weak and ineffective leader of the so-called free-world.  President Obama is being betrayed by those who put him in office, and he is now being held out for the mass media and the people to crucify him.  This same enemy will do the same to The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.  

QUESTIONS: Why was Reverend Al Sharpton given a post with MSNBC News Network?  Is he being groomed for a special role in the days and weeks ahead?  Who gets to decide what the ratings are, and who do you know have ever participated in a ratings panel?

Our Black Leaders are in a very dangerous place in history.  President Obama is a leader for the well-to-do Black People who believed in America’s lies and promises.  The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is a leader for the despised and rejected.  He represents those in the streets, the prison system, the homeless shelters and mental institutions.  He represents the suffering masses all over the world.  

Both President Obama and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan are the two most dangerous men on the planet.  The enemy cannot allow President Obama to finish out his term in office, and later return to his people.  The enemy does not want Obama and Farrakhan to ever sit down and join forces.  

The enemy has set out to impose measures to blow a hole in the psyche of both the well-to-do and the suffering members of the Black Community.  

Stay tuned, I will write another article on “The Enemy's Plot To Link the Black Movement to World’s so-called Terrorism.

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