Force Debt Creation, A Remedy To Enslave The Masses and The World

"Everything passes at par, temporarily; truth alone remains permanently.  Fortunate is the person who has learned that the most certain way to “get” is to first “give” through some sort of useful service.” - The Law of Success


- by George X Lampkin

In those high places in the world, there are people who live among the masses who think differently about how to deal with their enemies.  Did you know that Russia, China and others are considered enemies of the west?  Have you considered how the west deal with their enemies?  

First, I wish to help you understand that offshore banks provide a way for the super-wealthy of the world to launder their money.  There, off the coast-line of Greece is a tiny island called Cyprus.  This small domicile is consided an offshore recreational area for the super-rich.  Many travel there on there small engine jets; carrying with them huge amounts of money to be deposited in banks that are outside the jusrisdiction of spying eyes or regulatory oversight and scrutiny from foreign governments.  

National Security Strategy Aimed at One Global Elitists’ “New World Order”, by Abraham Sharrieff, Citizen Journalist for Worldwide Info Forum

What people fail to realize is that Cyprus Banks are money haven for the super-wealthy from Russia and China.  The Greek financial collapse was contrived by western financial elite members of the International Ruling Class.  This method is fast becoming a preferred means of waging war.  The Greek financial tragedy was contrived by western economic hitmen, all to knock off wealthy depositors from Russia and China.  America wanted to send a strong message to both countries that they can hurt Russia and China’s economies.  They wanted to scare others from within the communist blocks that they (wealthy-class) can be targeted, too.  

When Cyprus Banks closed their doors, rich Russians and Chinese depositors lost their money.  Cyrus banks were forced to open their books, to be examined by the International Bank of Settlements.  Cyrus banks are no longer a secure hideaway for the super-wealthy.  

Forced Debt Creation on The Home Front

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America has a $17 Trillion debt ticket.  The United States has been forced into debt.  This puts America in a borrowing position; to raise capital to pay on the interest.  The United States Government is finally at a place where the elite will pull the trigger.  America is now at the final stage where the Financial Elite will force the government to accept an austerity plan, uniquely designed to systematically topple the government.

America will be forced to change its financial policies.  Retirement accounts will be locked up, and people will not be able to access their retirement benefits.  Social security will be seized.  The 'Global Rulers' will seize control over these financial instruments; turning IRA’s, Roths, Social Security Accounts, etc. over to the control of The International Banking Cartel.  This transference will serve as collateral for future loans made by The International Bankers, to the new financial system.  

America will collapse and the International Ruling Class will take over.  The middle-class will be ruined, as the 'forced debt creation' will turn whole nations and people into modern-day slaves.  The Super-Elite are winning!

In this economy, nearly 70% of people in America are receiving some sort of compensation from city, state or federal government.  This huge reliance on the U.S. Government is dragging the government into more and more debt.  The government is becoming bloated with huge debt payables. The government wants most Americans to rely on the government for their livelihood.  When the government collapse, the people will become desperate and fearful; creating conditions for people to accept the International Elites' version of a NEW WORLD ORDER.


Building Resistance Against The Trap

A brief glimpse at the machinery of the imagination of contemporary men and women are that their minds work under the stimulate of desire and reaction.  This is how many people on the planet think. The reactive mind is calculated by the ruling elite. 

The Ruling Class of the world think PROACTIVELY.  They are in the business of creating outcomes that favor their prescribed will.  

Study yourself carefully and find out to which of the two great major urges to action your mind responds most naturally - REACTIVE vs PROACTIVE.  

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Many of us court flattery more readily than we do the truth.  We must accept self-control over our lives.  Look around outside your homes, and you will see billboards calling you to buy this or that.  Such promotional ads are insulting for many promote immorality and indecency.  Your homes have been infiltrated by the talking heads on your television screens.  

We must decide to deliberately recreate ourselves.  We must travel against the current of this present world.  We are being distracted by the Ruling Elite to look outside ourselves for answers.  They do not want us to look within, because they know all to well that we will come into a power that will open our eyes to what is real.  

In the shadows of our own vanity, we get lost in a maze of confusion.  We find ourselves distracted and deceived into believing half-truths and lies.  We must overcome vanity, narcissim and self-promoting tendacies.  We must become humble in spirit.  

We must first set our spiritual-house in order.  Many are now in mental and spiritual graveyards.  Many more will fall into the trap, and will be turned over to fear and desperation. Such beings will react, as determined by the elite.  The sheeple will be led to slaughter.  

When we set our spiritual-house in order, we will find a way out of the worst sort of condition they throw our-way   Is it true, that God can create something out of nothingness?  Is it true, that God can produce a miracle? Is it also true, that God can see all things and he knows all things, too?  When we travel within and seek him and his divine mind, we soon come into oneness with him; earning us special powers to decipher the world in new ways.  

This is the way!  As-Salaam Alaikum! 

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