Martial Law Is Coming To America!

- by George X Lampkin

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With growing discontent among Americans over U.S. domestic policy the situation might get out of control. While the American people are forced to face high prices, unemployment and the challenge of feeding their families, 'Wall Street' continues to profit, Main Street USA is likely to rise up! What is the government going to do about it?

The United States Army brigade have been assigned to "Homeland Security." For the first time in 100 years, and contrary to a long-standing legal prohibition, an active duty military unit is permanently assigned inside America. 

For more than 100 years -- since the end of the Civil War -- deployment of the U.S. military inside the U.S. has been prohibited under The Posse Comitatus Act (the only exceptions being that the National Guard and Coast Guard are exempted, and use of the military on an emergency ad hoc basis is permitted, such as what happened after Hurricane Katrina).

The business and mainstream media will do everything in their power keep the “confidence game” going.  By the time the general public realizes that "economic martial law" has been declared, it will be too late to act.

When martial law takes hold of the country and when the Corporate / Military Industrial Complex Elite unleash draconian measures against the people; all under the leadership of President Obama, the Caucasian people will declare war on Black people. 

The races will become violent towards one another. Racial conflict will become normal in the days to come. There are those behind the scene who will exploit our differences to drive this country to ruin. 

We must be wise today. We must educate and inform everyone we come in contact with, including caucasians, hispanics, asians, etc. We must NOT allow a few evil wicked devils (the 10% blood suckers of the poor) take the high ground in our struggle to reach the masses.  We must raise awareness among the people and we must show them where the enemy resides, and who are our mutual enemy. 

To separate the races is NOT a bad thing.  In fact, it is the right solution that will bring about a lasting peace for everyone.  We can trade and co-exist with one another with respect and civility.  The world will be a much better place to live in.  We can increase the peace through 'Freedom, Justice & True Equality' for a change.

Anciently, God separated the different races by giving each its own area of the world to develop (Genesis 10:5, 32...). He placed them where geographic features... formed great natural barriers and boundaries between them.  He obviously did not want different people to intermingle. Notice also that Abraham... was deeply concerned that his son Isaac should find a wife among his own people rather than from among the Canaanites, who were a different people (Genesis 24).  In turn, Isaac instructed his son Jacob to go back to their ancestral home to find a wife (Genesis 28:1-2)... It is in keeping with these biblical principles, then, for a person to marry someone of the same race and who is compatible in personality, culture, temperament, and outlook on life.  Disregarding these principles is likely to result in problems and hardships for the couple and for the children.

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