The Root of The “War on Terrorism"

On May 03, 2004, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., The Honorable Louis Farrakhan gave a warning to the governments of the world of the root of the war on terrorism.  He told the world that this war on terrorism is in fact a war on Islam.


By Sister Michelle X

FYI: Given today’s widespread use of the internet, all Americans should remain actively engaged and vigilant to prevent “our” freedom of speech from being abused.’  We have a duty as civilized men and women to step up and share with the world our truth.  

Robbing us of our freedoms, while defending their own.  As if ‘freedom’ is a zero-sum commodity in which they must steal our’s in order to acquire their’s.  What hypocrites!  But we all know.. it’s about greed and hatred on their part, because there is no hate on our end.  Islam is the religion of PEACE.  With us, it’s all about “truth.”  And they can’t handle the truth, so they seek to hide it; to murder it; to lock it away in some jail cell; to even crucify it.

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