The Shocking Hour is Near, Civilization In Decline

Fall of America

"The Fall of America," written by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Too many people are either living in denial concerning the approaching crisis and collapse of America, or else too willing to give up without a fight.

- by George X Lampkin

Let's look into the looking-glass. Old America was built on the backs of slaves and New America is built on Oil. Slave trade and Oil trade are alive and well in America and the rest of the world. 

A point in fact is that modern businesses in national farming and national meat production systems are today engaged in hiring illegal immigrants for pennies on a dollar to sustain its' dominance as a global player. Today's farmers and meat production businesses are mostly owned and operated by fortune 1,000 corporations. Corporations are headed up by children of the elite and they seek profits over the needs and demands of the little man. Their whole mantra is to reduce cost (expenditures) while engineering systems to increase profits and rewards to an elite few.

This was the formula behind the slave trade and it is the formula for international oil trade. 

What people fail to see is that power is being shifted from America as a nation state; towards a Global World Economic System. In fact, modern-America does not fit into the global ideal of what Global-Elites imagine. The American Middle-Class have been thrown into the grinder for extermination or elimination. The middle-class system is an obsolete plank within the coming global economic system.

Modern America was built on Oil and this commodity is most precious than even gold

We must put on our thinking hats for this one. Oil is a commodity that is coveted by developing nation states such as China and India. Both these nation states have become the newer, modern industry centers in the world. Corporations from around the world have flocked to China and India to take advantage of cheap and efficient labor sources. 

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The American Military Industrial Complex has set its' eyes upon those natural resources in Central and Southern American Nation-States.

Let's look deeper into the looking-glass and we see what seems to be a threat to white world dominance. You read this right!!! The visions of the illuminati and world planners is not perfect in that developing nations such as China and India have been seduced into buying into a falling currency called, "the dollar." 

China and India needs oil to thrive and they are spending their monetary reserves to shore-up huge oil-contracts with Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia, and other oil producing nation-states. Remember the world is a complex place and you almost have to be a mathematician or scientist to see into the inter-weavings of these high-stake events.

White men are in possession of a POWER that they have used to secure the realm. That power is WAR. It's the last power the white man has and he is using it effectively so far. He has set out to dominate the entire middle-east through invasions and occupations. WHY is this? Simple: control what your enemy needs. Oil is what China and India needs, and the White man who has held sway over the earth for the last 6,000 years are engaged in an all out plot to maintain supremacy over the entire globe.

In fact, Global World War III has already been waged and fought, through "Simulation Machines." The next great war will be high-tech and simulated. Drones and unmanned vehicles will be unleashed upon the killing-fields. Monstrous beings that are half-human and half-machine will be deployed to wipe out entire cities, towns and villages. We are talking about total annihilation and extermination.

The White-man is moving on the people of Central & South America as we speak. Military bases have been setup in Cuba, Columbia and Haiti and within these bases are the kinds of weapons that will strike terror into the hearts and minds of the people of that region. All this for dominance and control, once the next global war is over.

Oil will be cut-off as a result of the next global war. The entire middle-east will be destroyed. Huge pockets of radiation and the destruction of trade infrastructures will not provide outlets of oil resources the world will need to advance or to sustain mass populations. 


As a result of the destruction of the present oil producing nation-states, China & India will fall. China sees this and it is holding up the currency of America to hold off the inevitable. India sees this as well and it is engaged in appeasing its masters, "White Elitism." 

White-Elitism is setting up a grid system that will cover the entire areas of Canada, North America and Central & South America. Recently, the FCC has announced that they are going to spend Billions of dollars to setup high-speed broadband throughout the entire hemisphere. This is a powerful step towards white-supremacy. 

Modern prison systems are obsolete. The new prison system will be detention centers or work camps. Look there, you are looking at a market driven slave trade system. 

Remember, modern America was built on oil, and oil will be diminished to levels before the development of oil producing nations in the middle-east. America as we know it will come to a complete halt - a crash. 

High-speed broadband and new prison systems are all apart of an elaborate plan to establish power and dominance over the masses of people in these Americas' hemisphere. All of this will be managed and controlled through the use of satellites and the use of their man-made looking-glass apparatus. This is what makes them a god and the people would perceive the false notion that the white man is a god besides the All Magnificent God that former Prophets, Angels and Messengers have spoke and written about throughout our scriptures in the Torah, the Bible, the Qur'an and numerous letters and hadiths of former witness bearers and ancient scholars. 

We know that Allah is the true and living God. He and his Angels are aware of the events that is shaping our world today and he is fully aware of the aftermath of this upcoming global war. In fact, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that Allah will set aside America for his divine judgment and punishment. This continent is where Allah will make himself known to the entire world. I will go into this at a later time. However, you can get the "Message to The Black Man in America" at:

White-Elitism is engaged in developing alternative fuel sources

Oil will become scarce and when their is very little oil to go around, civilization will collapse as we've known it. Imagine, few people will be able to afford to heat their homes, or to own a car - let along drive ten miles to and from work each day. It will be cost prohibitive to ship goods from foreign countries, or even food from out of state, to supply suburban neighborhoods. Therein, malls and department stores will be empty.

Life will devolve back into a form similar to that of the nineteenth century, when most people lived on farms or in small towns - a lifestyle not unlike that of the "Amish Society" today. Modern agriculture, which depends on oil for fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and machinery, would be replaced by old-fashioned, labor-intensive farming.

In a world of declining energy, the only government will be local. Highways and commercial buildings will fall into disrepair. Most middle-class, professional jobs will be gone. Schools will be smaller, and education past the eighth grade will be rare. In fact, very few people will be able to acquire education.

"Few people today have the knowledge or the skills to grow food, make clothes, manufacture items, repair tools, or build houses the way their great-grand-parents did. Self-sufficient family farms have become exceedingly rare." (James Howard Kunstler)

The energy decline will mean shortages of food, a breakdown of law and order, and a growing reign of terror and extreme violence. Malnutrition and starvation will become widespread, resulting in a much lower population. Diseases would be harder to prevent and control. Cities and towns across the continent will come to look like New Orleans after Katrina. Civilization will truly collapse.

Too many people are living in denial concerning the approaching crisis and the shocking hour that awaits us all will be similar to being in a nuclear holocaust, without the fireball effect. 

People will be devastated spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is what happens when people fail to recognize the approaching crisis. 

We are calling our people to wake up before it is to late. WAKE UP!!! Come away from White-America and come to your own kind before it is to late. Our people are being led to slaughter and death. We must choose life over death as a people. 

We encourage you to get informed by reading and by studying at the feet of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. He is here to lead us out of this modern-day Egypt. Allah (God) is calling us out of this world and he wants to set us up in a new world that will be governed by the Principles of Islam. 

This message is a warning and a Final Call.

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