Unlocking Potential Benefits Through Black Logistical Alliances

“I know that it looks hard for you educators and professional people to drop down among uneducated people to try to build them up, but they are your brothers…  

The uneducated people, I have learned, are the surest friends if you will take a little time and train them.  You will really have yourself something when you train one of them.” - Excerpt from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, "The Theology of Time"


- by George X Lampkin

The social deconstruction of the 'Black Community’ is now complete.  The final nail is being hammered in the coffin.  Black people are morally corrupt, and ethically insignificant. 

The main disadvantage within the Black community is that the strategic and financial objectives are less clear-cut.  There are no real growth plans or tight performance plans put in place by the educated-class of the Black community.  Our educated class are bound to the will of the White male established institutions of North America.  They work for the continued advancement of the White male power construct.  

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The maintenance of the existing status quo of things are in the hands of our enemy.  We have no real effect upon what happens in the Black community.  The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and modern-day Prophets have cried out; as this alone have been an effecive tactic because their cries have brought awareness to the entire world.  

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It is very difficult to establish clear-cut strategic goals while being monitored by an enemy that seeks to disrupt anything that is good and productive.  In this world, real measures of success are found in financial activities.  The Black economic front is in terrible shape.  At its worst, our financial controls are held in the hands of our mutual enemy.  Our brightest minds in the Black Community live only to impress the enemy bosses.  

Destructive financial formulas are set in stone.  It’s normal for high-stake criminals to invest their ill-gotten money on business ventures in the community; and later drop out of the game because they soon fall into bankruptcy and/or face corruption charges by bureaucrats from the state and federal levels of government.  

We have no real autonomy at the financial/business levels.  This is very troublesome because we have no real way to ever fit in and perform in the world’s marketplace.  We have no internal financial brokers to watch over our assets and investments.  We are prohibited from developing for ourselves financial managers, to look out for our best interests and prospects for winning in the marketplace.  


We need ‘Strategic Planning Companies’ and ‘Professional Think Tanks’ to help the entire community move effectively towards participating on the world’s marketplace.  Their participation can help bridge trade-deals between Black people from America and Africa.  This is the real present course that we should embark upon.  This path is essential to the long-term strength of our core survival; even though we must realize that financial returns maybe temporalily low or sometimes volatile; due to hostile conflicts with globalist who seek to break up our alliances.

Our alliances must be built under the umbrella of high-level logistics.  Controls must be recognized in a framework of interorganizational operating principles; which express what the alliance is supposed to do and how it will get things done.  Our ‘Strategic Planning Companies’ and ‘Professional Think Tanks’ must be empowered to manage this process.  

Out of this process, we will select the brightest and most talented representatives of our alliance networks.  We will offer them up to enter in with international financial enterprises to represent our interests.  They will go forth into the international arena with our blessings and financial backing.  


Today, we have poor shepards who have adequate knowledge to move us forward, but they/we are marginalized and placed in neutrality because we are faced with domestic barriers from envy and jealous attitudes of a broken and fearful people; a road block for creating high-level logistical systems.  

We have to put on our boxing gloves.  We have to become men and women of steel; with mature truths aligned with present realities of the present market conditions, and future trends that reflect globalist visions from international planners and thinkers.  Our alliances must be rooted in real strategic planning by Professional and Dedicated Believers of The Black Empowerment Movement; or our budding alliances will fail.  Trust in the arrangement is essential.  

Given our people’s natural resistance to change, it is reasonable to expect clashes of thoughts and styles when making our way towards the goal of establishing our common objectives.  

We must establish at our core base, religious principles to guide our minds and hearts.  We must confer from time-to-time, the lessons we now have from Master Fard Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and other notable modern and age old Prophets and Messengers.  In short, we must teach and train up the poor-righteous, uneducated believers if we are to win in this coming rise of the new economic system.  

As-Salaam Alaikum! 

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