Detroit Water Supply Shutoff, America’s Recent Urban Warzone

Below is Sister Banika, a local resident of Detroit, Michigan.  She is picking greens for an elderly neighbor from the urban farm.

Sister Banika volunteers regularly, and she helps distribute food to local residents.

“The middle class wants the world of a job and order, and even hypocrisy and cops because they are afraid.  They hold to their narrow views because any other views may disturb their twenty-year house mortgage, the store, the job.  So when someone decides to make a better world they look on him as a direct menace even though the dull middle-class world is a sort of slavery and suicide” - by Mr. L Ron Hubbard

George X Lampkin

The shutoff of water to hundreds of thousands of Detroit homes has become national and international news. An appeal to the United Nations by activists about the inhuman, profit-driven shutoffs has resulted in condemnation of these actions by U.N. officials involved in water and sanitation issues.

The Palmer Park Golf Club and the Veterans Administration hospital are said to owe more than $200,000 each. The Detroit Public Schools system is alleged to be $2.2 million behind. The Detroit Red Wings hockey rink, Eastern Market and Ford Field stadium reportedly owe more than $55,000.

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The climate here in Detroit is becoming desperate for nearly 350,000 people.  Their water supply is being shutoff for lack of payment to the bureaucrats in city hall.  

Detroit has become the frontline for America’s war against the poor.  America spends billions overseas each and every year, towards foreign-aid.  Americans should pay close attention to what’s happening here.  Urban areas are suffering from lack of government funding, and resources to help the poor.  

The United Nations (UN) To The Rescue?

"It’s a basic human right: water. But could the United Nations soon help the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department provide the service to struggling customers?”

America is losing control over its inner-cities.  The United States Government has become beholding to corporate interest groups, and powerful International Banking Cartels.  America’s treasuries are being managed by The Federal Reserve System.  

Detroit is bankrupted and insolvent.  The urban-city is fast becoming a ghost town.  With nearly 350,000 people losing their water supply, the bankers have decided to drive the delinquent payers out of the innner city of Detroit.  

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Detroit is on its way to becoming the first American city to fall into the hands of the International Banking Cartel; while managed by the United Nations.  America is slowly being merged into an International World Alliance Network, or as some came to coin, The New World Order.  

Detroit has prime real estate and its value has been declining for sometime now.  The International Banking Cartel is offering Detroit an austerity financial package to bail the city out of its financial woes.  The bankers and other financial enterprises are seizing this opportunity to buy depressed properties at bargain basement prices.  

Detroit’s closed manufacturing facilities are in place to reignite the industrial machine, once the Internationalists give the green-light.  Detroit austerity plan will include opportunities for new jobs to support the manufacturing base; jobs which offer its workers slave-labor wages.         

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