Introducing Graffiti Artist, Christian Guémy AKA “C215″

Christian Guémy is a French graffiti artist known to the public as “C215″ who has garnered some fame for his intricate, colorful stencil works. His works attempt a revitalization of street imagery: they are bright portraits of children, the homeless, religious figures, or other everyday people. For today’s cities, the urban landscape is a battleground of ideas, ownership, and residents. The streets of modern cities are besieged with advertisements, private apartments, restaurants, stores, graffiti scribbling, and people from all walks of life.

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But what happens to the spirit in the mechanized world of commercial city living? When one walks the streets, the all-encompassing marketplace — both social and economic — can be detrimental to the individualism it aims to liberate. There is a routine, a mode of traveling the streets in which one is not fully awake. We are taught to eliminate vulnerabilities for fear of danger, to keep to ourselves, and maintain anonymity. The guise of “safety,” a lesson from the political realm, allows us to disenfranchise, dehumanize, and suppress our unique, spiritual selves.

To see more of C215’s work, visit the Tikkun Daily Art Gallery.

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