Should Blacks Support President Obama and/or Congressional Black Caucus or Any Political Crook?


The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization representing the black members of the United States Congress.  

by George X Lampkin


Sister Michelle Alexander highlights the ineptitude, the ineffectiveness, the complicity of the Black Bourgeoisie, and Black Political class in the United States, in the destruction of the gains of people like Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X and many others, allowing African Americans to be targeted, their rights dismantled, setting them back nearly a century, or more.

While they profit, and take bribes from their political donors and paymasters; and have parties with celebrities to the tune of $40,000 dollars a plate, we languish under a matrix like system being built on top of the old system of slavery and Jim Crow.  

  • 80% of the Black Caucus Membership refuse to defund Pentagon’s militarization of local police departments
  • The Caucus unanimously supported Israel’s recent bombing of Palestinians
  • Fundraisers from big corporations and multi-national corporations are sought after on a constant basis

They pop champagne with their pied pipers..., leading you down the path of destruction, quietly and calmly watching your football games and reality tv shows, and your rappers on MTV, and BET. 

The question is who is really doing the BIG PIMPIN… And what will the end game be when the music stops and the reality of what these people have presided over comes to full fruition and realization to the average person on the street who is lets say an Obamamaniac, or totally invested in a system that they suddenly realize has thrown them overboard decades ago… It will be interesting to watch these people and this situation unfold… 


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