Developing A New Mind In A Modern World

a new mind

- by George X Lampkin

We must bring darkness into the light, and guilt to holiness.  Error must be corrected at its source.  We must not lose sight of the promise of heaven on earth.  Do not allow yourself to fall in with those who seek to rob you of your divine gifts and talents.  When we approach enlightenment, we see the world anew, without the shadow of guilt upon it.  We have this new perception, where everything is bright and shining with innocence, washed in a sea of forgiveness, and cleansed of every evil thought you laid upon it.  

"God Does not condemn you for anything of the past. Just accept your Own now and He will Forgive Your Past. Our past was due to our enemy therefore we are forgiven for what the enemy blinded us with."

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"Now Allah is opening your eyes to see what the enemy looks like.  Listen to the enemy and what he says.  He doesn’t invite you to anything righteous.  He invites you to evil. They play all evil and filthy music day and night to attract your attention.  He knows he has nailed you.  He wants to keep you with him until Allah destroys him so that you can be destroyed too.  I am referring only to the blue eyed Caucasian, the open and real enemy of black people.  He doesn’t love you and hates me to the utmost.  But he can’t do anything about it.” - by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Our universe have been woven together by seen and unseen forces.  What I hope to communicate is that the entire universe is enbedded in a sea of magnetic fields.  These fields are governed by mathematical formulas.  This science was locked up and put away from this world’s power-elite.  

The complex workings of the earth’s magnetic field, which safeguards us from the bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles helps keep us safe.  The earth possess an abundant amount of life.  There is something in the earth that sustains life as we now know it.  I believe there is an agreement between the spirit of man and the earth’s unique magnetic field.  Both have a bi-lateral realtionship with the other.  That’s why its so important to study and master both physical and spiritial sciences.  Both are entwined.

The plant, insect and animal kingdoms all recognize the powerful flow of the earth’s magnetic fields.  They are forever tuned in to the earth electrical flow.  We humans are so distracted and we live in the external world, instead of the internal world.  When we look within, we get this heightened sense that makes us intuitive to the earth’s energy flow.  When we travel deep within our inner-selves, we ascend in our consciousness to an awareness that enables us to see into the far distant future.  

We must see every situation as an opportunity to heal.  Even when we face calamity and setback, we must use the experience as a healing tool.  We must reflect upon how the past got us here, and where the expereince is taking us.  In the moment, we must make a decision to sink or swim; to die or live.  

In our experiences, we can look to the magnetic fields that govern our very existance.  At any given moment, we find within us this yearning to move beyond and onward.  We fight this feeling because we want to remain rooted in the same old status quo.  Our individuality is an illusion.  We are forever linked to a divine source that constantly pulls us towards perfection; pulling us into oneness with the source.  

Truth and illusion have no connection.  People are forever trying to link themselves to truths and illusions.  This creates inner confusion.  A person may find him/herself split into many pieces within the mind; knocking out one's true identity.  

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan teaches us, "A fact is that which actually exists; it is reality; it is truth.  Why did Master Fard Muhammad give us Actual Facts?  It is because you cannot build anything until you know the actual facts... How could the enemy rule us if we had the same knowledge that he has?  Regardless to your degrees, the enemy has never shared with you what he has of knowledge.  That is why when you come out of college, you go to him and look for a job.  It is because you are not prepared to make a job for yourself.”

When we quiet the mind, we come into this awareness of a great consciousness. When our minds are at war with itself, we cannot find truth.  Remember, truth and illusion have no connection.  We must choose one and leave the other.  Either we live completely in truth or we live in the illusory world.  

The good can help.  The bad will not, or if they do, they “help” only to betray.” 

- by Mr. L Ron Hubbard

Our individuality or ego is at war with the Creator.  We seek to resist conformity with right guidance.  We seek resistance against the divine laws of the Creator.  We resist being in harmony with the Creator’s divine will.  The indiduality or ego is marching towards death, defeat and destruction.  Only a mad person believes the 'Will of God’ can be attacked and overthrown.  God is force and power!  The entire universe is aligned in perfect geometrical patterns; suggesting there is some higher intelligence behind it.  Remember earlier, "Our universe have been woven together by seen and unseen forces.”  

We can see objects with our naked eyes, but we cannot see into the unseen.  However, if we travel within, we can perceive the divine and all its truths.  

This world sets up in our mind confusion.  This world promotes laws of chaos.  Chaotic laws are hardly meaningful or useful to the seeker, because it is out of reason’s sphere.  Illusion leads to choas and confusion, which becomes an obstacle to reason and to truth.

We must emerge from this self imposed illusory world.  We must align ourselves to God’s magnetic presence within us.  We must resist individuality and ego.  The ego values only what it takes.  Think on that.  Another’s loss becomes your gain.  Enemies do not give willingness to one another, nor would they seek to share the things they value.  The enemies keep hidden those truths that will surely make you free.  The enemies gives us illusions to keep us bound to confusion and choas.   

Let us reason with one another!

July 06, 2014

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