Dianetics: My Personal Assessment, Part II

"In their heart there is a disease and God has increased their disease and grievous is their penalty because THEY LIE TO THEMSELVES.” - The Holy Qur'an 2:10

"And there are others who have acknowledged their faults. THEY MIX A RIGHTEOUS ACTION WITH ANOTHER THAT WAS BAD. It may be that Allah will relent toward them. Lo! Allah is relenting, merciful.” The Holy Qur'an 9:102

“Surely Allah (God) does not change the condition in which a people are in until THEY CHANGE THAT WHICH IS IN THEMSELVES.” The Holy Qur'an 13:11


- by George X Lampkin

God wants us to see ourselves as DIVINE AND SPIRITUAL BEINGS. However, we can’t see ourselves as such because we have this mental and emotional blockage.  

We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS living inside a physical body.  We have come to perceive ourselves as being all things other than spiritual beings because we've been infected with a disease of the mind.  Dianetics is a therapeutic technology which rids the mind of psychoses, neuroses, compulsions, repressions, and psychomatic illnesses.  

Our perception of the world around us is oft times odd and strange to us.  We walk in complete ignorance of our divinity because our neural circuitry is hotwired to see ourselves in an inferior way.  Our personalities are warped because we get stuck in past traumas; and because our thinking have been trained up to believe the worst about ourselves   


Dianetics helps us to recall or relive our past existence.  This going back on our time track helps us to see all the data associated with our perceived traumas.  In our traumatic experiences, we suppress such memories because they represent a deep sense of pain.  We forget the pain and hurt, as we suppress them to our subconscious mind or the reactive mind.  In each daily walk we take in our new experiences, we unknowingly call upon our reactive mind to help us interpret what we perceive.  

Dianetics subscribes to this idea that the dynamic principle of existence is to survive.  This is the most basic reason to live.  All life forms act on this one command - TO SURVIVE.  Even the most primitive of beings are striving to survive.  Their method for survival is measured by how well developed the mind is.  Whenever we see a people who lived some 76 trillion years, fall into dispair and desperation, and lack survivibility skills, we now know with Dianetics that such minds are diseased.  It’s clear there is a sickness of the mind.  Dianetics presents qualitative methods to bring us into the CLEAR. 

The Absolute Goal of Survival is Immorality or Infinite Survival.  The Reward of Survival Activity is PLEASURE.  The Ultimate Penalty of Destructive Activity (Behavior) is Death or Complete Non-Survival, and is PAIN.

In our quest to survive, we face both life and death dynamics.  Pain repels us from death and destruction; while pleasure calls us to optimal life and immortality.  We rise and fall in our emotional zones because we either see or feel ourselves moving in our mental picture towards pain; or we see ourselves moving in the direction of pleasure.  This brings us in view of Dianetics Tone Scale Model.  In Dianetics, the main focus is primarily on the mental tone scale.  Man’s quality of life is measured on the scales of spirituality, mental wellness and physical health.  Dianetics directs us to focus our attention on our mental health conditioning.

The book on Dianetics is divided into six parts:

  • Book One: The Goal of MAN
  • Book Two: The Single Source of all INORGANIC MENTAL and ORGANIC PSYCHOMATIC ILLS 
  • Book Three: Therapy
  • Dianetic Terms
  • Dianetics in the 21st Century
  • Last: Appendix Section

Earlier, I mentioned that our primary principle for existence is TO SURVIVE.  There are four main dynamics for survival:

  1. Dynamic One is to survive for self preservation.
  2. Dynamic Two is the urge to procreate beyond the self; to perpetuate the survivability of offsprings and relatives.
  3. Dynamic Three is the urge to perpetuate the survivibility of the group or species.
  4. Dynamic Four is the urge to perpetuate the ultimate survivibility of all MAN and MANKIND.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. 

- by Maya Angelou

In my own personal study of this great work by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, I have become well acquainted with three key areas of the mind that enables us to survive at our optimum level.  I wish to share them with you, here:

  1. THE ANALYTICAL MIND is that portion of the mind that thinks in differences and similarities.  This part of the mind directs us along the above four dynamics OF SURVIVAL.
  2. THE REACTIVE MIND directs us solely on a stimulus-response basis.  This portion of our mind automatically files and retains physical pain and painful emotions. It thinks ONLY in identities.
  3. THE SOMATIC MIND is that mind which, directed by the Analytical or Reactive Mind, places solutions into effect on the physical level.  

Man’s primary thrust for life is TO SURVIVE.  Our quality of life is measured upon our ability to perceive and resolve problems.  Either we lack the INTELLECTUAL SPECTRUM to perceive and/or resolve our problems; or we lack the VIGOR and PERSISTENCE in SURVIVING AT OUR OPTIMUM LEVEL.  Our intelligence and physical vigor are inhitied by ENGRAMS, which either disperse our life force or feed false graded data into the analyzer.  


ENGRAM: The Final Frontier of The Mystery of The Mind

Engram is the single source of our mental diseases; aberrations and psychomatic ills.  Our mental and emotional problems stems from moments of UNCONSCIOUSNESS, when our ANALYTICAL MIND perceives physical pain and painful emotions, and all perceptions as being non-experiences.  In short, the Analytical Mind is blocked from analyzing our painful moments because we incur them through unconscious moments.  

Engrams are stored in the Engram Bank, a place where all perceptions are recorded and retained.  These engrams act upon our Analytical Mind and they also act upon our physcial bodies; causing psychomatic illnesses.  

The Goal of Dianetics is to ELIMINATE ALL ENGRAMS

In the practice of Dianetics, we are instructed to reach back in time.  We call this RECALL or RELIVE.  We reach back on our time track to find the earliest moment of unconsciousness when we expereinced physcial and/or emotional pain.  We travel to these moments because we seek to discover what is blocking our ability to get past our current (present) moments of issues and disruptive behaviors.  What we do in terms of good or bad behavior is built upon old engrams of yesterday.  If we are to move ourselves into the CLEAR, we have to reach back and look for clues and data on when physical and emotional pain(s) began.  

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I have personally experienced my transformation in mastering my Analytical abilities over my Reactive and Somatic Mind, when I reached back upon my own time track to discover those moments of physical and emotional traumas.  There at those moments, I found myself reliving those moments in full color; hearing sounds and even seeing objects.  Reliving those moments enabled me to experience the difficult pain and hurt.  Such pain and hurt felt real to me.  Somehow, they were suppressed deep inside of me.  

During my own personal ‘self analysis’ and several audits with Dianetic Auditors, I found hidden information (data) surrounding my traumatic experiences that shaped my earlier perception of my experiences.  I don’t wish to give away my own analysis of my own discoveries, but I will help you understand that going back in time on our time track will bring about new discoveries you've suppressed.  These engrams will come up in your mind; seemingly new to the Analyzer (YOU).  The idea behind these new discoveries is to see even more.  To dig up the dirt; to look under every rock; and/or to see into all places of those painful moment(s).

In a sort of way, this is considered an instructive way of confronting oneself at the base level of one’s earlier existence.  I have found throughout my own experiences that we have a hard time confronting ourselves with our own problems and issues.  We avoid looking within ourselves at all cost; usually at the cost of losing our minds.  Why?  Because we are afraid of what we will find lurking there inside of us.  If we are to get past the hurt and pain, and move to the CLEAR, we have to step into the deeper dimension of our own minds.  

Consciousness door


If we are to move into the next dimension of our higher selves, we have to master our MIND.  Between the heaven and earth of our own personal existence, is the MIND.  When our mind fails to function to its optimal potential, we will never reach total awareness.  We have energies flowing through us at the spiritual level, the mental level and the physical level.  When all three levels are working and functioning at there maximum potential, we come into awareness and illumination.  

When we reach back into our repressed traumas, and reinact our experiences, we will face negativities and dark beliefs about ourselves.  We will feel shame, grief, terror, and hatred.  We have to go into the underworld of our past existence with a mind of a warrior.  We travel into the deep to wage war with ourselves.  We do this because we seek to fix our instabilities!  We may grow anxious and scared at times, but we can battle the engrams and there effect on our present experiences.  

When we truly confront ourselves at this basic level, we grow resilient and willfully strong.  When we command our hidden engrams to dissolve before us, we open up areas of ourselves that raises our energy frequencies to higher levels.  We find energy flowing effortlessly through all three levels: the spiritual, the mental, and the physical.  This free-flow of energy leads the total man to that of complete awareness.

We live in this three dimensional existence.  We live in the past, the present and the future.  We live on inner response cues, and we are influenced by outside response cues from marketing gurus.  If we are to find our way towards a higher clarity, we must conquer the mind.  We have to do away with the ego.  This self is buried under the rubbish of engrams.  We became entrenched in old perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, people and the world at large.  


Our present self must give way to the new self.  The present world must give way to the new world.  We must become a Renaissance Man/Woman.  We must take up the heroes journey.  We must give up this disillusionment about ourselves and the world; as we strive towards the next great dimension. What is it, you ask?  The next great dimension is The Intuitive Dimension.  

Dianetics will help us gain mastery over our Proactive Mind.  The knowledge and practice of Dianetics helps us to rewire our mind, to participate in a world in an effective and positive way.  When we become totally aware, present and in the moment with our new selves, we now have the opportunity to identify with the highest energy vibration.  We become the Life Force we were designed to be.  We move forth in the world with a sense of deep sensitive feelings and deep intuitive power.  We effect everyone we come in contact with.  We fill up the room with our presence.  

Changing the world is all about changing ourselves. This makes us revolutionaries.  Our revolution to master our mind will bring about an ultimate survivability among the four dynamics; of self, of close relationships, of the group and humanity at large.  We will become a positive influence on all four dynamics; thus changing the world.  

The entire universe holds unlimited energy.  When we come into the CLEAR, we open ourselves up to this energy.  We become magnetic beings, and we will have this powerful ability to draw unto ourselves whatever we need and want.  

Our downward existence can change towards the UPWARD AND ONWARD PATH.  We must first confront ourselves in our deeper realities; not this illusional self.  

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Disclaimer Clause

This is my second part of a three parts series on my assessment on Dianetics.  For the record, I am not an official Dianetic’s Auditor.  I am not a Member of The Church of Scientology.  I had not gone through the official course work of Dianetics and Scientology; although I have independently studied the course work on my own accord.  

This above assessment is of my own opinions and commentary.  

The Church of Scientology and The Nation of Islam does not endorse or support my assessment report or my opinions in this article. It is purely up to the reader to make his/her own assessment or judgment about what is being stated within this report or article.  It is also up to the reader to make his/her own assessment about the study of Dianetics and Scientology.

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