Dianetics: My Personal Assessment, Part III

“One of the most important functions of the mind is the computing of the relative importances of data.” - Sir L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology

- by George X Lampkin

One of the major goals of Dianetics is to reduce engrams, and increase one’s tone emotional scale.  It should be everyone’s desire to get beyond the streams of sadness, loneliness, helplessness and desperation.  Modern day man is met with waves and waves of problems to solve. Such a being feels overwhelmed with all the stuff of modern-day life.  It’s hard to keep one’s face amove water in this pressure cooker.  At times, people feel like they are going to explode.  


The Many Benefits of Dianetics:

  • Dianetics helps us to gain control over our mind’s ability to tackle life’s many demands.  
  • Dianetics helps us to operate within our Analytical Mind; rather than the Reactive Mind.  
  • Dianetics helps us to climb up on our tone-scale chart.  
  • Dianetics helps us master the ability to think in a Proactive way; when faced with difficulties and problems.  

If we are to engage ourselves, the people we love and care for, the community, and the world at large; we have to fight against the streams of misconceptions, and emotional hurt and pain.  We have to get beyond being stuck in the past.  When we come into the clear, we see our current situation differently - as we set out to change our fate.  

Auditing our past engrams helps us to destroy misperceptions of the world.  We slowly begin to see the world anew.  We make decisions to move past the problems of our current conditions.  With our Analytical Mind, we recognize all the data necessary to solve our problems; thus changing our lot in life to that of happiness and success.  



Overall, Dianetics have been very useful in my own self healing.  I had traveled far back on my own time-track and I faced some horrible stuff back there.  Each time I faced down the dragons of my mind, I stepped into the breach with a determination to look around and discover every bit of data I could find.  It was exhausting at times but I endured.  

If we are to assume our place among the Spiritual Realm, we have to fix our mental problems.  We are a Life Force or Soul, and we are stuck in the mind.  We have to take down and destoy the engrams that enhibit us from realizing ourselves as being Divine Beings.  The spirit, mind and body all have a communicable relationship with one another. When they function in harmony with one another, the Life Force of Man can realize heaven within himself.  This man can now effect positive change on himself, on his love ones, on his community and the world at large.  

The inherit qualities of man and mankind is good.  Man becomes corrupt by a mind that has been broken somewhere in his past.  If we can just look upon his time-track, we will see the engrams that set him on a course of wrongdoing, crime and evil.  When we help such a man confront those engrams and discover all the data associated with the engrams, we help a man/woman detroy the effect of past hurt and pain. 

This for me is a worthwhile goal of Dianetics: to help man and mankind heal the broken mind.  I subscribe to this noble and worthy goal.  I encourage you all to pick up Dianetics for yourselves and read the book from cover to cover.  It will take some time to finish the book but between its pages, you will find the answers youu seek to heal the broken mind.  

Like you, I seek to have a constant spiritual expereince in this lifetime; and lifetimes to come.  I seek to overcome the world, as Jesus himself confessed to his followers.  He for one had this heavenly presence about himself.  He walked to and fro across the land. meeting all manner of people.  He heal them with his presence.  He had this magnetic energy that brought people out of their trapped conditions.  We too, can have this same effect on ourselves and others.  

Dianetics helps us to master our minds ability to overcome emotiona hurt and pain, and physical hurt and pain.  When we get past the hurt and pain, we face life full frontal.  We can take on the most difficult problems and we zap them all with a clear and forceful mind.  We challenge our very existence, only to make it better and worthwhile.  We challenge the defects of our community and the world at large.  We face down the most dangerous aspects of our society.  Below are the five actions we take when facing danger.


The Five Course of Actions Against Danger:

  1. We can attack danger
  2. We can run or flee from danger
  3. We can avoid danger
  4. We can neglect danger
  5. We can succumb to danger

A Proactive Mind is always a preventative mind.  When we adapt a Proactive Mind, we can see far enough ahead to make out what we will confront.  We see upon the plains of existance all the possibilties of outcomes and actions from others.  We in turn decide in an instant how we will respond to the situation and/or condition.  This awesome power gives us God-like abilites to change the course of events from a negative to a positive. 

For instance, when we are confronted with danger or if someone is facing danger themselves, we can effect the ultimate outcome of an event.  We can decide to fight agianst the danger by being proactive in the earlier sign of danger.  When we flee, avoid, neglect or succumb to danger, we lose our power to effect danger’s outcome.  

God wants us to have power over our environment.  He wants us to survive, thrive and flourish in a everything that confronts us.  God wants us to live our lives in perfect spirit, mind and body; to live well.  This is the goal of every man, woman and child.  


The Critics of Dianetics & Scientology

There are people and organizations on the planet that challenge the validity of Dianetics. The medical and psychiatric industry have launched a campaign to discredit Dianetics; and its positive effects on the human mind.  

I wish to open your eyes to look around the world.  Here you see societies and governments headed up by Supressive Personalities.  Such people are suppressing the free will and creative thinking of the masses.  Governments are cruel and they rob the masses of their civil liberties and human rights.  This happens to man and mankind because they are being pressured with painful stimulus.

According to U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder, Chairwoman, U.S. House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (April 1992) said these words, “According to a briefing I received from the Department of justice, ‘Current intelligence shows that psychiatric hospitals and clinics are defrauding government programs and private insurers of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.”

In the 1960’s psychiatrists began receiving government funding, as they promised to improve the mental illneses that hendered society.  Since the 1960’s, hundreds of millions of dollars have been pumped into psychiatric programs and activities on an ever increasing basis.  Upon the areas psychiatrists pledged to improve - education, drug abuse, sex abuse, crime, violence and mental health - - have steadily deteriorted.  In other words, society has gotten worst.  People are getting worst on all areas of life.  

Society is in a free-fall into disaster and decay:

  • an educational system in a tailspin
  • a plague of drug and alcohol addiction
  • increased violent crimes
  • widespread moral decay

Below are some articles and videos I found on the internet to help support this section of my article.  I insist you read over the articles carefully before making the decision to hand your child or any other member of your family over the currupt members of the psychiatric industry:

These were some of the articles that I researched for this three part series.  I have tried to give an honest assessment of Dianetics.  I pray you’ve found this report useful in your quest to learn more about the study of Dianetics.  

I wish to include in this article information about where you can get more information on the study of Dianetics below:

Thank you for taking the time to read over this timely series. It was truly a pleasure to submit to the public my own assessment of Dianetics.  I truly believe it can help anyone who seek to overcome the many issues they face in struggling with depression, stress and psychosomatic issues.  Below, you will find Parts I & II of this three parts series.  

Thank You & God Bless You!

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Disclaimer Clause

This is my third part of a three parts series on my assessment on Dianetics.  For the record, I am not an official Dianetic’s Auditor.  I am not a Member of The Church of Scientology.  I had not gone through the official course work of Dianetics and Scientology; although I have independently studied the course work on my own accord.  

This above assessment is of my own opinions and commentary.  

The Church of Scientology and The Nation of Islam does not endorse or support my assessment report or my opinions in this article. It is purely up to the reader to make his/her own assessment or judgment about what is being stated within this report or article.  It is also up to the reader to make his/her own assessment about the study of Dianetics and Scientology.

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