Dianetics: My Personal Assessment, Part I

"So you will stumble by day, And the prophet also will stumble with you by night; And I will destroy your mother.  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.…” - The Book of Hosea 4:5-7

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- by George X Lampkin

The goal of Dianetics is to rid the world of insanity, criminals and war.  These goals are noble percepts that we can accept and align ourselves with.  

As this world continues to decline, there will come a new alliance and federation of ideas and concepts; built on noble and righteous principles.  

“And if they incline to peace, incline thou also to peace, and trust in Allah.  Surely He is the Hearer, the Knower of all things.” - The Holy Qur’an 8:61

Dianetics teaches us that the most valuable possession we have is the human mind.  Modern man’s mental conditioning is the cause of wars, high crime rates, racism and mental abnormalities   

I have found Dianetics to be a great help to me personally.  For me, in the mist of personal turmoil and the cycle of seasonal trials and tribulations, I had connected my problems with that of my inner subscious mind or the reactive mind.  I had decided to take within me this valuable tool called Dianetics; to access my inner-man.  I had found the knowledge of Dianetics to be profound and useful in bringing me into a clear state of mind. 

Rooted in the ground realities of my own experiences, my mind had branched out to L. Ron Hubbard’s knowledge of the mind and thought processes; all because I was willing to confront my own weaknesses, my faults, and my own shortcomings.  I had found when approaching Dianetics, one must come with honest intentions to confront oneself. Otherwise, there will be no real effect for real positive change to take place in one’s life.  For me, the process was not easy but the journey to a clear mind and thinking was truly worth it.  

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This is my collection of L. Ron Hubbards Books, Tapes and Training Manuals.

Through my own personal study of Dianetics, I had gained a deep understanding of the inner workings of the human mind.  I had shared with close family, friends and colleagues the tools to overcome the negative effects of the Reactive Mind.  

I now have within my grasp a natural working of the Proactive / Analytical Mind; a mind which effects positive change in a negative world.  

Silently within myself, I had come to recognize L. Ron Hubbard’s truths to be a life saving phenomena to my own mental conditioning.  In my deep silence, I had found within me a warped mental conditioning that made me see the world as being fragmented and fundamentally flawed.  I had found myself always feeling uneasy and insufficient; not being truly capable of handling reality.  Oft times, I had felt this sense of lacking confidence.  I had low self-esteem and I did everything to avoid difficult challenges, for fear of failure and disappointing others.  

Auditing helps us move nearer to the Analytical Mind, which is the Command Center of our existence, i.e. the Life Force or Soul.

With Dianetics, I had begun to see a way to uncover my fundamental flaws and problems.  I knew I was on to something amazing with Dianetics, as I had decided to travel within myself with lessons from L. Ron Hubbard, to see for myself the grave damage that my mind was in.  

Dianetics enabled me to go back on my time track from my past.  I could see how I was programmed to connect an image and idea of myself with prenatal and childhood programming from a social network system that was deeply rooted in gross racism and discrimination.  

There in my youth, I was taught human history that had very little to do with me at all.  I was given this knowledge that exalted White People over every other race of people on the earth.  There on my time track, I was shakened with anxiety over the feeling that I was a nobody and I was worthless.  I felt inferior; not fitting in with the normal world at large.  I saw on my time track all this chatter from my family, churches and community at large that Black People were inferior to White People.  I recognized for myself this constant diet of inferiority that reinforced the programming of my subconscious mind.  

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - by Confucius 

On my time track, I had experienced a mixed blessing of sorts.  I was privileged to witness life.  I had felt the pulse of history in the life of illustrious leaders such as Jesus the Christ, David the slayer of Goliath, Abraham the Father of a Great Nation, Moses the great emancipator, Booker T. Washington, Nate Turner, Harriett Tubman, Federick Douglass, Malcolm X, Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  

I heard the drums of human destiny; a belief that there will come a day when man and mankind will experience true peace.  I was shakened with anxiety against the storms of war and revolution.  I was swayed with joy and love under the tree of human kindness.  I felt the pain of nails and thorns driven into a bleeding Christ figure.  On my time track, I even smiled back at an enlightened face of modern-day Saints and Scholars.  I had applauded, laughed and cheered with those who made me forget my deep personal pain; helping me forget my loneliness,  my sadness, and my helplessness.  I even saw myself drifting from my consciousness when taking drugs and alcohol to innoculate my personal pain and suffering.  Yes! I had witnessed life on my personal time track.

Upon reading Dianetics, I had found fruits of knowledge that helped me rewire my mind and my thoughts to see anew the very purpose of life.  L. Ron Hubbard teaches man and mankind that “the basic idea that the sole fundamental of existance is SURVIVAL.”

Most of us lack the ability to survive efficiently because we lack interpersonal relationship skills.  We lack organizational skills.  We lack unity.  We even lack group thinking skills.  Our own personal flawed thinking had/has inhibited us from uniting in a real and meaningful manner.  

To really confront oneself, requires one to embrace the concept of warriorship and revolution.  This embrace will enable us to challenge old percepts, concepts and ideas of our inner-man.  

"He Who Conquers Himself is The Mightiest Warrior.” - by Confucius 

If we are to truly put ourselves under scrutiny and self examination, we must be willing to see into the dark chambers of our own minds, i.e. past existence.  Dianetics helps us to confront our demons and it helps us to rid ourselves of those dragons that eat at our sub atomic consciousness.  

Dianetics helps us understand that we are in fact a Life Force; an Energy.  This energy is parallel to the known laws of the physical universe itself.  L. Ron Hubbard shares with the world that the known universe is comprised of matter, energy, space and time.  He teaches us that we are in fact seperate from matter, energy, space and time.  We are the Life Force or Soul of the physical universe.  

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Allah is FORCE AND POWER.  Allah, himself is separate from the known physical universe; for He himself is the creator of all the worlds.  Allah has within himself, his own time and space.  This suggests that we can come into awareness of our own space and time, too.  

Louis Farrakhan comments on The Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics during a public address at the Nation of Islam's headquarters at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, IL., July 1, 2012.

Upon my study of Dianetics, I had found that our Life Force (Soul) is not matched well with the known physical world. Our ideas and thoughts are fixed upon worlds that are not real at all.  For instance, we think in terms of a heaven and hell as being elsewhere, other than right here on earth.  

We think of God as being a spook or ghost like figure that cannot be seen by our own eyes.  Yet, we read our scriptures in the book of Genesis (Chapter 18) where Abraham, the Prophet, was seen to have greeted three men; one being the Lord (God), and the two companions with God as being Angels.  

How is it that we read these passages from the scriptures, yet we miss those truths about God and his identity as being a real live man?  We miss this because we lack understanding.  Our minds are rooted in aberrated conditioning.  We are mentally deranged, and we are infected with psychosomatic illnesses that distort our ability to see and recognize the truth.  

Dianetics takes us into deep areas of our subconscious mind where our troubles exist.  In Dianetics, this subconscious mind is the REACTIVE MIND.  This part of our conscious being is always on, and this subconscious mind have 'command power on a cellular level’. This hidden realm called the Reactive Mind effects us at the awakened conscious level.  Our defects at the subconscious level or reactive mind, causes us to behave in irrational ways. This irrational behavior has rendered us powerless in the face of reality.  


L. Ron Hubbard teaches us that our Reactive Mind operates exclusively on physical pain and painful emotions; hence the stimulus-response basis.  This percept is akin to what happened during Black People’s experiences during the earlier years of slavery when ‘Willie Lynch’ brought to southern plantations a training manual (tool) to reinforce mental servitude of slaves.  The tool he used was designed to break the will of the slave.  It was designed to break the slave’s mind; with ideas that made the slave believe in the very worst about himself or herself.  This brainwashing technique also reinforced pain and suffering in the slave.  Black women and children were made to observe the castration and humiliation of the Black man.  They were even made to see the lynching and murder of the Black man.  This drove into the subconscious mind (the reactive mind) of both Black women and children - painful emotions.  Thus, the reactive mind was programmed with painful stimulus.  

This reactive mind still exist with nearly every Black man, woman and child, here in the wilderness of North America, today.  This is why we cannot effectively unite, even under the threat of annihilation and death.

The study of Dianetics helped me realize just how conflicted we are.  On the surface of our thinking, we had learned to function within a world that reflects a perceived modernism and advanced civilization.  Yet, underneath the surface is our subconscious mind or the reactive mind, reflects an age old programming that makes us think and feel inferior and/or less than others.  Secretly, we feel a deep sense of pain that cause aberrations of depression, anger, frustrations and physical manifestations of disease and deformities.  

I came to subscribe to this idea that we can conquer our deeper selves by becoming completely aware of the effects of wrong programming on the subconscious mind (the reactive mind).  I also subscribe to the idea that we can return to this complete knowingness of our deeper being; the true Life Force or Soul.

Because we are not well acquainted with our true Life Force (Soul), Dianetics presents someone to help us travel back in time.  This person is called, Dianetic Auditor.  This person guides us back on our time track.  We all have a time track.  I personally call this time traveling!


On our time track, there is data stored up from a time when we were caste into the womb. Dianetics helps us to access this data.  We are asked to access and assess this data with our Analytical Minds.  It is our Analytical Minds that is given power or charge to examine the data, and decide to validate and/or invalidate the data.  

Dianetics helps us to disqualify the data as being useless and/or obsolete.  We actually heal ourselves within, as we come into an awakened state of beingness.  This simple and effective process helps us to move beyond the faulty conditioning that caused us to act and behave in an irrational way.  We find the world anew because we see and think anew.

Auditing helps us move nearer to the Analytical Mind, which is the Command Center of our existence, i.e. the Life Force or Soul.  

Our pain and suffering are well seated within the cellular level.  That is why we feel relief sometimes but we fall into depression and grief later.  Our defective programming is at the cellular level, and we have to travel on our time track to call up from our data bank all the residues of bad programming.  We have to clear our subconscious mind or reactive mind, of these bad programming. 

- Dianetics: My Personal Assessment, Part II

Disclaimer Clause

This is my first part of a three parts series on my assessment on Dianetics.  For the record, I am not an official Dianetic’s Auditor.  I am not a Member of The Church of Scientology.  I had not gone through the official course work of Dianetics and Scientology; although I have independently studied the course work on my own accord.  

This above assessment is of my own opinions and commentary.  

The Church of Scientology and The Nation of Islam does not endorse or support my assessment report or my opinions in this article. It is purely up to the reader to make his/her own assessment or judgment about what is being stated within this report or article.  It is also up to the reader to make his/her own assessment about the study of Dianetics and Scientology.

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