I Am That, I Am: Switching The Brain To See Things Anew

- by George X Lampkin 

What we mostly see in our daily walk in life are signs of disease, disaster, wars, calamities and death.  This cannot be what God created for the human family.  The world we now see is not a representation of loving thoughts.  We see a world filled with negative thoughts being aimed on everything and everyone.

People the world over are being trained up to attack others based on race, class and sexism.  To save ourselves, we must adopt a mind that gives up these 'negative thoughts’ that sends us into a field of separateness.  This field does not work for us for the good.  It renders us powerless.  

If we are to be in oneness with the Creator, we must enter into a 'unified field’ with creation itself.  God’s presence is found in every living organic life form, and his presence is even found in inorganic objects, too.  If we are to feel the presence of God, we must unlock within us the experience of being the embodiment of God.  If we are to feel his presence in us, we must become one with everything we see around us.  

Look there at the man in the gutter, that’s you and me.  What about the woman who is crying because she has no food to feed her children, she is you and me.  The old man who falls down and hurts himself, that's you and me.  The children in Somalia who have no food to eat, that's you and me.  The war riddled areas of the world where lives are snuffed out, that’s you and me that died.  We are our brothers keepers!  

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We Are Humans & We Are Divine Beings

Oft times, we only think of our own interests and needs.  When we pray to God, we come to him with selfish desires to acquire what personal interests we deem useful to our personal lives.  We seldom pray for the entire human family.  

As a human being, we may find ourselves failling short of perfection.  We are all imperfect in one way or another.  Our thoughts are twisted at times.  We sometimes find within us corruption.  We lack empathy towards others.  The human family is in need a Master Teacher!  The human family is in need of healing.  

The key to experiencing ourselves as being the embodiment of God is to become a SERVANT.  A servant is a giver; providing genuine service to all of humanity.  This path to becoming a SERVANT will open us up to a transcendence awareness of the mind and heart.  We will grow into the embodiment of God when we surrender our self-interest mind, towards that of a givers-mind.  

When we give to others, we give to ourselves.  The brain receives when we give to others.  The brain acknowledges the act of giving, as that of receiving.  When we put into practice our willingness to give up ourselves for others, we enter into a transformation process where we will find our inner-purpose for living in this world at this time and this space.  

A Message by Brother Tyrese Gibson

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While others stop....... I keep going.... I refuse lose... I refuse to be average.... I refuse to contribute to a deadbeat lazy generation.... I am KING........ I am GREAT.... I am a God fearing man who will BOLDLY and unapologetically get rid of all things, people and situations that tries to stop me........

I AM THAT is an opportunity to make a difference in the world.  The thought of 'I AM THAT’ is connecting ourselves to the infinite universe.  The one behind the universe can call upon us to engage a greater calling because we have proven to give ourselves in service to others.  

There is no longer my will.  There is only THY WILL.  When we connect with the entire expression of God, we link ourselves to God’s divine will.  When we enact creation, we are emulating the Creator.  We grow into this expansive feeling within us that makes us feel like the Creator, himself.

The kingdom of God is within us.  We have to align our brain transmitters to think as a SERVANT.  We must rewire our thinking to see a community, a village.  This world of greed and self-serving pursuits will soon fall away.  

Sister Iyanla Vanzant teaches us, "The Kingdom of God is unconditional love.  The Kingdom of God is a peace of mind.  It is a joy in our souls.”  Her life reflects these beliefs as she has dedicated herself to servicing others.    

'I AM' is creating movement.  When we put positive words behind the I AM, we can begin to move ourselves out of negativity; into positive outcomes.  When we repeat to ourselves the affirmation of I am, backed by a positive word, we amplify the effect of moving ourselves towards our destiny.   

If we are to rise above being the victim of this world, we must loosen up our chains within our minds.  All we have to do is find the key to unlocking our minds!  Oft times, the door to our brain is wide open; but, we have within us this fear to step out and walk on into the beyond.  The book of Hosea 4:6-7 reads, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.…”

Right knowledge will provide the key to unlocking our minds.  We must be in search of knowledge, if we are to heal ourselves.  In an earlier article in “Let Go of The Past, The Future is Our Mutual Destiny”, I wrote the following words, “To heal yourself without the assistance of others, you connot be in denial.”  One must be a lover of knowledge. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said, “Whenever you see a Black Man, you are looking at God.”  What marvelous words to say to men that are considered nothing in this modern society.  Black men more that anyone else have need of seeing themselves (ourselves) in a new way.  Our leaders must possess the skills necessary to change the way we think about ourselves and one another.  

To heal yourself without the assistance of others, you cannot be in denial.  

032 W. Y. Evans-Wentz - Collective Hallucination and the One Cosmic Mind

You must be honest and forthright with yourself.  Stay thirsty for the truth, my friends!  

Switching The Brain To See Things Anew

The brain is a phenomena.  Within the brain are transmitters that sends messages to our organs and every cell in our body.  Our brain holds enormous power.  There is a subconscious mind within us that picks up everything we see and hear; even when we are asleep.  Here in this realm, we need to provide subtle instructions to help us change or shift our thinking.  

Imagine, when we look upon the world with the light of forgiveness, it literally shines forgiveness back at us.  It is in this light that we begin to see what were the illusions about ourselves that kept hidden the truth that we are SERVANT BEINGS.  You may know scriptures and/or you may have knowledge of this or that; but if you are not a SERVANT BEING, you are not a true SPIRITUAL BEING.  

When we seek pleasure and expression only for ourselves without caring about the effect we see on others, we are NOT paying attention to the real process of being a Spiritual Being.  We fall into self serving pursuits, and our relationships are ripped to shreds.  

Governments disappoint the people; spouses disappoint one another; parents misuse and mislead their children; those in authority abuse their power over the innocents; and so-called Spiritual Leaders have no earthly idea what the people really need.  

It is our own personal holiness that will save us from all guilt and sin. To recognize our own holiness, we can recognize the potential holiness in others. When we act on the principles of being a good-servant, we seek to help others find within them, their own sense of holiness; finding their way to salvation.  

Remember this one thing as you climb up into this new mind, the perception of our own holiness must NOT be used for selfish purposes.  The holiness we seek must be directed towards all we see, for we must share the joy of what holiness brings to us.  This holy and divine power (holiness) is unlimited and it has the power to heal and save broken lives.  


What We Seek to Save People From is Their Illusions of Themselves

We all have false illusions or ideas about ourselves.  It is our inner awareness of our own holiness that will challenge our contrived illusions of ourselves.  The illusions we seek to caste out from our minds are nothing more that idols.  They must vanish from our being, if we are to find wholeness within our spirit.  Our spirit belongs to God.  It is this process of becoming acquanted with the 'I AM THAT’ - that will bring us into oneness with God and his creation.  In short, the ego must die, if we are to have this SERVANT MIND!

The true source of our strength lies within the knowingness that God is always within us, ALWAYS.  God is our strength and he gives us visions as gifts. We must rewire our brain to see as God sees; for beyond his will - lie only illusions.  

When we choose illusions of ourselves, we see darkness.  When we choose the God-Mind, we only see light.  For me, I choose to welcome God’s vision for my life, and I am happy that I see a world that is coming through on the not-so-distant horizon.  For me, I am walking steadily on towards truth.  Right now, there is nowhere I can go, because the presence of God is all I have to sustain me.  

Lastly, be sure to pray five or more times per day.  Be sure to pray for those that really need help.  Pray for the homeless, the sick and the lame.  Pray for the fatherless and the falsely accused.  Pray for those that are misunderstood and the poor righteous believers.  

My articles are written to expose the lies of the devil.  I seek to do battle with those that are self-centered in their minds-eye.  This world has need of a great transformation.  The people are crying out for a new renaissance; to transcend the masses into the agape (unconditional) love of God.  Remember, your salvation comes from within and there is no one that can take that from you.  You possess within you this enormous reality that heals and sets free your mind; to set yourself loose to help transform the world into a heavenly paradise.  

As-Salaam Alaikum  

Above is a video from Brother Tyrese Gibson, who speaks candidly about the impact that change lives.  He spoke out about the violence in Gaza, between Israelis and Palestinians.   He started the #LoveCircle Movement, showing the world that love can heal all hurt and pain. Let's support Tyrese Gibson in his efforts to speed love and peace across the globe.

As-Salaam Alaikum!

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