Let’s Go To War, Break The Silence And Set Loose Our Captive Spirits


"The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the SON OF MAN has nowhere to lay His head." - The Book of Luke 9:58

- by George X Lampkin

A life lived in spiritual darkness is the worst sort of life to live.  The price we pay when not living in awareness and enlightenment are great.  Many of us are plague with depression, chronic stress and addiction.  Smiling faces we see in others could be a coverup of serious mental illnesses. 

Dr. Amos Wilson Speaks to The Psychology of Black Self-Hatred

Black American culture isn't the appropriate culture for us, even though you may think it's great and wonderful. It is filled with too many REACTIONARY ELEMENTS and too many EGO-DEFENSIVE BEHAVIORS & ATTITUDES: singing the blues instead of taking care of business and talking about "how a cage bird sings" instead of singing "a war song" and tearing up the cage and the person who made it. WE CAN'T HAVE A CULTURE THIS WAY! A culture, like everything else, has got to be measured – EMPIRICALLY! It doesn't matter even if it was present in Africa 500 years ago. To say something is African or black is no justification for keeping it. It has to be measured against some kind of standard. Your Jesus told you that you shall know a tree by what? "THE FRUIT IT BEARS." – Dr Amos Wilson

In today’s high paced society, people are left empty or void of real love and affection.  People are engaged in distractive pursuits on line with social media.  Some find companionships in date and chat rooms.  If they come up against resistance or difficulty with the other party, it’s simple to block them from our lives with the click of a button on their computers.  

This modern-day world leaves so many people lonely and empty; craving for real love and closeness.  In the United States, nearly 400,000 people commit suicide every year.  As the world continues to change for the worst, more and more will enter deep states of depression and addiction.  It’s becoming crystal clear, that war is being waged on the human family.  

Lifesyles and life events are contributors to depression and addiction: 

  • Lifetyles of the rich and famous are beamed in our living rooms everyday and every moment.  We are being programmed to go after what we see with our eyes.  If one does not have a critical eye to decypher the messages we see, we fall victim to being programmed by the super-media corporations.  
  • Life events like death, a divorce, sickness, loss of job, etc are all major traumas to our mental and emotional health.  

The one thing that pop-culture in society hide from the masses is the healing power of a healing God.  Oft times, society is fed this notion that Psychology and Psychiatrist are the modern-day cure for many mental and emotional ailments.  This is not true.  They are setup to make money at the sufferers expense.  They help people in little ways to address some symptoms, but when they begin to label your problem with catch words and phrases, it make matters far worst.  People are sent off with feelings that they are deeply sick and their lives are put on hold; sometime for years.  Often, patients never get better.  On the outside they seem fine, but the inner man is still crying out for help.  At the slighest problem, they are off to their shrinks to get comforted.  Seldom do they ever face life’s real challenges.  (I have written a three-part series on my assessment with Dianetics and Scientology).  

I am not condemning all so-called professional practitioners.  I am only suggesting that there is an alternative course to self healing from our mental and emotional ailments.  The alternative path to getting over our issues are found in the belief that God is LOVE.  

What most of us seek is a deep abiding love!  We seek safety and security in our relationships.  When we come up against rejection and abandonment from our love ones over and over again, we become guarded and trapped within ourselves.  We become jaded in some ways.  

It’s through the power of Divine Love that we may find relief from our blues.  This divine love is constant and always present if we seek it.  We must realize that this divine spark of love is within us all.  When we meditate deeply upon creation, we can see the marvel of God’s eternal spirit.  We see into the heavens and earth wonderment and mysteries.  If we just sit for a while to ponder on these.  Soon, we will find ourselves coming out of our bodies and minds; floating to another dimension.  We can connect with the greater reality; making our concerns small and tiny in comparison.   

We have been burdened by stress and depression.  We have been filled up with all sorts of issues and problems; from our past and our daily grinds.  We are burden by overwhelming pain.  We walk behind a mask before the world, our family, by our co-workers, and our so-called friends.  

We live in shadows.  We fear coming out into the light with our stuff because we fear being rejected or abandoned by people we love.  We fear being judged by others.  What we secretly seek is acceptance and love by the people we love.   

This world is ran by an enemy-class that opposes righteousness.  The enemy set into motion a system that destroys people by making them prisoners within their own minds and bodies.  Some of us have made a home inside ourselves with our burdens.  Some have decided to live with their hurt and pain.  Others have made decisions to fight through their difficulties.  

To fight to open up and break our silence, it requires an ACT OF WAR.  We must decide to be different and changed.  This means, we must say goodbye to the old man or woman.

A picture of my prayer and meditation room.  This is where I retreat from the world at large.  It has helped me find peace and contentment of mind.  I encourage you all to build for yourselves a dedicated spot in your dwellings, for a humble spiritual abode to escape life’s many hardships and issues in your life.  Remember to start out with good intentions on your private spiritual journey.

The Greatest Warrior

We all wish to be in the limelight.  We wish to be noticed and admired by our family, friends, peers and the world at large.  When we decide to work on ourselves, we must shrink from the world in a very deep and meaningful way.  We must turn within and go deep within us for the answers we seek.  

Alone the path to self-discovery and healing, we must remember to educate the love ones in your life to help you.  Help them to know how important it is to shower you with love and affection.  Help them to listen more and often.  Help them to be patient with you.  This is important because we all need acknowledgement, acceptance and validation.  All these come into play because humans are incredible healing channels.

"I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet. So you also should wash one another’s feet. I have given you an example. You should do as I have done for you." - The Book of John 13:14-15

Jesus told his disciples to lay their heads on his shoulder   This sort of love and compassion is what we all need to find comfort in the process of healing.  

In the Book of Matthew 18:21-22 reads, "Then Peter came and said to Him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven."

There is power in human to human contact.  We all have an enormous effect on others.  If we come to those we love with kindness, compassion and mercy, we can see miracles unfold.  

Some of us are very hard on ourselves.  When our love ones reach us with tenderness and mercy, our thoughts about ourselves become more positive.  This is the way to combat the world.  

With deep meditation and prayers, we can find an escape from darkness.  With support from our love ones, we can find fellowship with our fellow man.  We want to be filled up with the divine, and we want desperately to feel safe and secure with people whom we entrust our lives too.  

The journey to the path of spiritual awakening is not easy at first, but if you can just try to make a plan of action to do the work, you can overcome and win.  But first, think like a mighty warrior and set out to strategize your every move.  Educate the person(s) in your life that truly loves you; and find a private place in your home to sit, pray and meditate.  This will give the boost you need to win the struggles ahead.  You can conquer!  You can win!

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