We Will Become Divine Beings, The Inclination To Serve A Living God


"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” - The Book of 1 John 4:7

- by George X Lampkin

What if the world was a bit more sane?  The world would be a wonderful place to live.  It would be a place where the children of the world would get the proper love they would need to be healthy in body in mind.  It would be easy to love and be loved, with the feelings of safety and security; because people would keep their oaths and commitments.  

I do believe we all are looking for a divine experience.  We hear and read about the life of Jesus, the Christ.  We even bear witness to other sages of the past.  They possess this awareness that transcended all logic and reasoning.  They seem to have learned the true meaning of love and forgiveness.  They seem above the troubles of life and the world.  

The divine experience we seek is said to exist within us.  The journey to the center of ourselves is oft times met with rain, storms and lightings.  We see trouble alone the way, as we fall into tears from human blues and sadness.  When we seek the truth, we find ourselves falling away from people we love.  We see them part from our lives as we weap.  We walk beneath our clouds.  Our lives become gloomy and dark.  We feel miserable!  

"Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down. But nevertheless, we are encouraged to get up, dust off, and keep moving toward the goal.” - by The Honorable Louis Farrakhan

When we seek the Creator, we are met with heartache and misery.  We face those trials and tribulations, the old sages warn us about.  We must remember to call upon the Angels to help raise us up in spirit.  We must try to believe in this love that is DIVINE.  We must never forsake the belief that 'Divine Love' is a forever sort of LOVE.  This worldly love is temporary, and will not last.  

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Imagine when you look at The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.  You see a man that loves his teacher, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, with all his heart, mind and soul.  The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has within him this Divine Love.  He loves with complete willingness and humility for his teacher.  Imagine to love this way!

To love in the DIVINE is a love that transcends the grave.  Death has no power over it.  Divine Love is an everlasting flame.  To love in this manner is like flying on a prayer carpet.  One can touch the sky!  When someone love in this manner, even a prayer is realized. It seems the universe listens in on that one who loves in the divine.  

Satan Always Advocates The Opposite of What God Has For Us!

Allah (God) has this all-seeing eye.  He looks deep in our hearts and minds.  He looks in our eyes and he interprets our inner-man.  He measures our thinking and feelings. He does this to see if he can melt with us.  He seeks to reside within us.  He desires to live as a permanent resident within us.  He desires that we choose to cleanse ourselves of all impurities and unholiness; to make ourselves worthy of him.  

If we are brave enough to admit it.  We are all alone!  We seek a divine experience with the Omnipotent One.  We hide away within ourselves hoping for a true love experience where we can truly feel safe and secure.  We want God to stay with us forever.  We want to be held in a very precious way.  Without God, we are forever lonely.  We want to touch the DIVINE.  We want to be embraced and fulfilled. 

In all our brokenness, we want desperately to be made whole.  We oft times look to others for a little tenderness.  Sometimes, we get our heart broken and we crawl into our self impose prisons, living our lives in sadness, regret and shame.  We lose pride in ourselves.  This present world has deliberately cut us off from the path of righteousness.  It’s when we come to righteousness that we find the safe and security we seek.  When we open ourselves up, to recieve another in our lives, we become vulnerable.  We float like butterflies.  We become delicate and tender.  We become divine!  


We must become more like God; for He looks carefully in our hearts and minds - waiting patiently before he merge himself with us.  He is ever so selective in his choosing.  He loves completely and true.  He tries us with money, material and other worldly things.  He tries us to see into our minds and hearts.  Allah’s love is no ordinary love.  He loves us and he accepts our love.  There is an exchange of love that builds and builds.  

Allah is waiting for us to come by his way.  He waits so patiently to receive us.  He waits with a desire to catch us when we are falling from the world.  He wraps us in his love and he covers our shame, our guilts and sins.  He in fact washes them completely from our bodies and minds.  He makes us anew!  He is a most beautiful being.  He is forever infinite.  To see as he does is to see far into infinity.  What a beautiful way to see. The eternal universe has no end to it.  This spirit we have within us is made of the same stuff as that found in the deepest part of the universe. I tell you, we are Divine Beings. 

The world is becoming unwind into a greater level of insanity.  However, we can find within us a better world.  We can travel to the deepest region within us to find the peace we so desperately need and desire.  We can find Islam (Peace) in the mist of chaos and confusion.  We can dwell in peace, as the world falls into a greater degree of hell.  Remember, “Heaven is a state of mind.”


We must fortify our souls.  Some of us are being raised to become Angels.  We are being raised to bring others to the light.  We come down to touch so many in need of the light.  We are being led to embrace the falling and rejected.  We help the falling realize the heart-beat of God is an eternal beat, and this beating of God’s heart can be heard within every man, woman and child.  An Angel lives to rescue the captives from their enemies.  An Angel comes down to lead the captives to heaven.  

An Angel helps one to see how deep love can be; for love is God and God is love.  An Angel breathes into the nostrils of the falling man - compassion, mercy and understanding.  He helps the falling man realize that he is charished by the Creator.  He reminds the falling man that he is beautiful in everyway.  The Angel removes the seeds of doubt; planted by the evildoers.  The Angel won’t let the falling go astray.  The Angel walks beside the falling man, all the way up to the very throne of God, the Father.  

We are precious jewels in the sight of Allah.  We are manifestations of God’s divine will. When we cry to Allah for his divine intervention, we seek to become healed and set loose from our affirmatives.  

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We are looking forward to climbing with you.  We shall shout to the world.  We shall believe together in the truth.  We shall love in the DIVINE.  We will be stronger forever; when this world will fall from the light of the Sun.  God will increase our life-force!  We shall march and step to a new tune!  We will be revived and made anew.  We will become DIVINE BEINGS. 

This world gives us no mercy.  We are being beaten down into the ground.  We cry and cry,, and we seem to get no relief.  We bow down our heads in shame and regret.  We find ourselves facing verbal bullets from our love ones.  We see no mercy on the horizon.  

I am here to tell you that mercy is on the horizon.  We are being visited by Angels.  You have to clomb a mountain to see what I see.  You have to decide to get up and move beyond your valley experiences.  Get beyond the twists and turns of your daily grind.  You might have to give some things up.  You might have to set yourself apart from your love ones.  You might have to sacrifice somethings you desire.  Do what you have to do to get to the top of the mountain.  Here, you will see that Angels are being deployed to save us from the coming storms.  

The present world is coming to an end.  There is a new one coming on the horizon.  The troubles of this world is going away.  We can once again live free in righteousness.  The Angels are coming to turn on our lights.  They will provide a quickening of our spirits that will allow us to see the DIVINE.  We were locked up in darkness and God’s Mightly Angels are coming to free the captives; raising their tone-scales to take flight into the heavens.  


The fire is being kindled for the evildoers, but this same fire is being used to baptize the Elected Ones.  The fire will wash away our sins, our faults, our shame, and our regrets.  The Angels will dip us in the fire, as we become cleansed of our faults.  With all the things we put God through, it’s amazing that God still loves us.  

Thank you Omnipotent One!

If you are stumbling in your life or if you are stranded on the side of the road, pray to God for a Divine Helper.  Now, open your eyes, as you will see someone come in your mist to save the day.  Abraham met God and two Angels.  Moses met God in a burning bush.  Everyone of us can have our own unique experience.  For those who did not or could not stand by you, remember the Angel is made of greater substance.  The Angel’s purpose is to help you make it through the lean times; the difficult times; the worst times.  

Be prepared to travel.  You will be called to take up your belongings and follow the voice from within.  You will take up the call to walk into the beyond.  The earth is the body!  The heaven is the mind!  The sun is the God-head.  Now, you have some idea of the divine journey.  I look forward to seeing you on the other-side.  

If you are ready to step off into the great beyond, tune in and turn up your mind to realize the eternal presence of Allah.  Embrace the energy and allow it to wash over your mind. Allow Allah’s divine love and spirit to flow through you.  Remember, people will rise when they believe together.  This is why Islam is the most beautiful religion the world has ever seen.  Islam will never be subdued.  It cannot be defeated.  Believing together in the Omnipotent One will only make us stronger. 

As-Salute!  Seeker of Divine Light & Love.  

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