Seeds of Knowledge vs. Seeds of Faith


- by George X Lampkin

All to often, we are guided by our spiritual leaders to find within us the seeds of faith.  We come to our spiritual leaders, looking for answers to our daily problems.  We seek answers because we want to fix them; enabling us to relieve ourselves from the agony, stress, frustration and pain that comes alone with problems we face.  

Faith is a powerful and potent remedy sometimes, because it allows us to stop in our tracks to reflect deeply what God may have in store for us.  Faith can be hard to swallow for many people, because many of us want to know the answer right now - on the spot.  It can be frustrating and scary when we have to wait for an answer that is locked up inside of us.  

Finding the answer to our problems within us means that we have to take a journey to the inner-core of our being.  In fact, we have to go deep inside of ourselves to search our spiritual and mental library for truths about ourselves that may cause us to want to stop or abort the process, for fear of what we find there.  


To take this journey to our inner core, we have to first take an inventory of what's inside of us.  There, we can see all the good, bad and ugly images of our past.  Images are experiences that maybe hurtful or desirable.  Sometimes, we may find that our lives are hunted by the negative memories of our past.  We must recognize them if we want to rise beyond them.  We must recognize the good memories, and we must make an inventory of them as well.  

Remember, Heaven or Hell is A State of Mind 

Oft times, we go back and forth between a state of heaven and a state of hell.  Many of us live in a state of hell on a constant basis without relief, and we seem to other people as if we are about to ignite into a fireball.  I want to make it my life's work to teach people how to overcome this 'pit of hell' or 'pit of rage' that dwells inside of them.  To find a practical way to reach to the other side (hereafter) of hell, towards a heavenly state of mind.  


Once we separate the good from the bad stuff inside of us, we must decide to become 'warrior like'.  We must put on the whole 'armour of God'.  We must prepare to wage war against ourselves.  We must accept our new role as warrior prince (princess).  We must prepare to conquer ourselves with every fiber of our being.  We must be determined to WIN.  We must adapt an attitude to succeed if we wish to overcome the negative memories that have taking up lodging in our inner-minds. 

Seeds of Knowledge

We must be honest with ourselves as we take on the task of exercising our inner-demons.  We can't be totally successful in our undertaking if we go at it blindly or foolishly.  We have to know what we are doing.  If not, we can hurt or cause great damage to ourselves.  That's where right knowledge comes in.  We must acquire knowledge to slay many of those negative images (memories) we have lurking in our minds and spirit worlds.  

"...Allah will raise up to (suitable) ranks (and degrees) those of you who believe and who have been granted knowledge." - Holy Qur'an 58:11

Right knowledge is like a KEY.  A key has the power to unlock and/or to lock up something.  In this case, we would want to lock up those negative memories and horrible images that dwell there in our minds and spirit worlds.  We must prepare to sit down and open up books, to find adequate knowledge to arm ourselves with truths that will enable us to slay the dragons and beasts that roam throughout our inner-man.  

Seeds of Faith

When confronted with powers that seem more powerful than us, we oft times turn in flight; retreating back to our original position.  In fact, most people oft times give up the ghost.  They find a familiar place and they seldom, ever, rise again to take on the challenge to conquer the negatve aspects of themselves.  But not us!

What is required in this instance is that we must increase our faith, in that the knowledge (key) we possess will do the job of locking up that which we seek to conquer.  It is said that knowledge is power, and that faith is powerful as well.  When we figure out there proper relationship between one another, we can mount up a winning strategy to take on the demons, dragons and monsters within us, and we can surely win the fight of our lives. 

"Say: Travel through the earth and see how Allah originated creation; so will Allah produce the second creation (of the Afterlife): for Allah has power over all things." - Holy Qur'an 29:20 

Increasing faith is through the power of our acquired knowledge.  We are told that Prophet Abraham was told by God to leave his family and to go out into the empty desert.  We are told that Prophet Moses went out into the desert in search of knowledge.  We are told that Prophet Jesus, at the age of 12, was sent into the world to go about his way to discover and learn from the great sages of Egypt, India, China and Palestine.  We are told that Buddha was inspired to leave his successful royal family, to look for enlightenment and self discovery.

The above saintly beings have something in common with one another.  They all took a path that led them to self awareness and self empowerment.  They discovered the great power of God that dwelled inside of them.  The God that is eternal and everlasting.  They realized that the mind is trapped in a matrix that reflect this world.  They came to realize that they were beyond their physical bodies; associating themselves to the eternal being that never die.  Their faith was so powerful that they successfully managed to crossover into a place of pure enlightenment and awareness.

This is the path we seek - if we want to overcome our inner demons.  We must acquire right knowledge if we want to increase our faith to take on the challenge to slay our enemies that lurk deep within our minds.  

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God is All Seeing and All Knowing

We must not be afraid of what we seek.  Remember, we want the answers to solve our daily and life's problems.  So, we fall on our knees and we pray to the Creator.  We ask him for the answers and we wait to receive from him the answers we seek.  "Ask and you shall receive."  Now here comes the challenge.  We have to ask ourselves if we really want to discover what God has to show us.  The answer we seek comes in the form of revelation and thereafter a vision.  

Revelation is something that is revealed to us because we had no clue or no knowledge of a thing.  We ask for revelation because we seek to discover that which was hidden from view, from us.  Revelation can be very powerful and yet, it can shed light on the monsters that lurk in the dark recesses of our mind and spirit.  Revelation is light!  Remember, when we confer with God, we are seeking answers from someone who sees and knows all things.  

Moments after we discover the revelation of what we seek, we are introduced to a vision of ourselves.  This vision is what we will become after we conquer the demons within us.  Imagine, a new vision of ourselves.  This is the same teachings that our leader and teacher, The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, has been teaching us.  He teaches us to become a new man / a new woman.  He shows us the path to enlightenment in a modern era and time.  Unlike the days of old, we are being raised in our thinking to master our present worldly existence.  A world that is far different from the days of our great patriarch saints; Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and other great Prophets of old.  

"Know you not that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" - 1 Corinthians 3:16

We are told that God dwells deep within us and that we all have the power to search from within and to seek him out for the answers we seek.  In the days to come, we will not have the luxury of visiting a Church, a Mosque, a Temple, a Shrine, or Synagogue.  The world will be in total disarray and the climate on the streets will be dangerous and unfit to travel for women and children.  In fact, I can remember hearing The Honorable Louis Farrakhan tell us that we must begin to setup temples inside our homes.  

The key words that I want you all to walk away with today are 1) Knowledge, 2) Faith, 3) Revelation, and 4) Vision.  These words should be at the forefront of your mind as you begin to take on the task of overcoming your inner-demons.  It can be done and you WILL be successful.  

Remember that many of our problems will require us to separate from our love ones, and our friends.  What Jesus means when he says, 'Unless you hate your father and mother you will not be following me.'?  The worldly attachment will not lead you to God's abode. Even parental love is transitory, an illusion. What is permanent is God's love. So do not get stuck up in this mundane world pointing to parental love.  Love them; not develop it into an attachment.  That will drag you from your spiritual path.

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We must accept a truth that we are to go alone into that part of ourselves, and we must face ourselves in the raw.  We will find ourselves standing naked before the God that dwells inside of us.  We must be willing to come out from behind the fig tree (bush) and we must present ourselves before the Lord as we are.  We must ask for his forgiveness for our transgrssions and our sins, and we must be willing to atone for our sins, and we must pledge to our God that we seek to obey his will and that we seek to shut up for all times those demons that dwell inside of us.  

In the end, what we seek are inner healing, self awareness and enlightenment.  

May Allah (God) bless us to discover the answers we seek, and may He grant us success in conquering our that part of beings that we wish to destroy.

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