The Exaltation To Divinity And Beyond

- by George X Lampkin


Divinity always carries connotations of goodness, beauty, beneficence, justice, and other positive, pro-social attributes.  Every society has among it's people those things that reflect its' idea of what divinity should be.  In western societies, we see huge momuments erected such as cathedrals, huge churches, statutes, paintings and great halls; all to inspire and remind the people that they are living in a society that is backed by a divine deity.  

At the root of this word 'divinity', we find the word divine.  This is a word that suggest holiness.  The divine or holiness is not found in things or objects, but is found in the human character.  The thoughts and actions of a man can be measured by looking into the mind and heart.  The power to distinquish between good and evil can be found with what The Honorable Louis Farrakhan calls 'The Power of Discernment'.  Using this power of discernment to filter what we observe in ourselves and others is a valuable tool we can use to distinquish between good and evil.  

God is here to set us free from false teachings that binds us to a life of ignorance and confusion.  The lack of knowledge leads us to spiritual decay and thereafter spiritual death.  We become blind, death and dumb.

Whatever we study in the form of thoughts, concepts, and ideas, we must reflect deeply in our subconscious before they can affect us for good or evil. 

Let's agree that God created man with the purpose that man becomes a perfect likeness of himself (God).   Man is God's greatest creation.  The question we need to ask ourselves, is why man is not living up to his greatest calling or potential?  Why does man prefer evil over good?  There are forces in the world today that are at work day-and-night to keep the human family moving away from the divine.  Instead, the human family is made to spiral towards a perpectual fall towards ignorance and confusion, evil and demonic behavior.  

There are evil forces at work that aim to disrupt the flow of knowledge that can assist man in his quest to find the true path to divinity.  The Bible Hosea 4:6 tells us that, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."  The enemy of God has control over knowledge and he filters what knowledge man can receive; enabling the enemy to control man's destiny.  

Right knowledge is power.  Knowledge can open our eyes to a reality that we've never seen before.  Right knowledge can enable us to concieve of a world that was hidden from view.  God wants us to see beyond this world and He comes to raise our consciousness towards a higher plane.  God requires of us a very simple task.  He instructs us to read.  The path to divinity is found when man reflect deeply within himself the knowledge that Man can be likened unto God.  Today, we are being introduced to a knowledge that leads us to the right path.  This knowledge is ever competing against a weaker knowledge that blinds man from seeing the true path.  According to John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  God is here to set us free from false teachings that binds us to a life of ignorance and confusion.  The lack of knowledge leads us to spiritual decay and thereafter spiritual death.  We become blind, death and dumb.  

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God wants so much more for us.  The greater qualities within man are not being developed properly.  Black people are being fed a knowledge base diet that suggest that they are no good and that they are worthless.  They are constantly reminded everyday that they are less than others, i.e. white people.  They see themselves as jokesters and dancing clowns, made to entertain white folks.  They see themselves as crooks, criminals, whores and pimps (players).  God wants to turn this around for the black man.  In fact, He wants to turn the entire human family around from evil, into the divine.  

The human family cannot rise no higher than its weakest link.  That's why God chose to visit the wilderness of North America to awaken a people that were in bondage in a strange land and a strange people for over 400 plus years.  He determined long ago that in the end times, a unique people would be classified as 'the lost sheep'.  The enemy knows this and he set out to deceive the many by manufacturing a lie that suggest that those in Israel are the chosen of God.  The devil has imposed his will over the people through mis-information and outright lies.  He can get away with it because he control what people see and hear in the way of mass media.  The devil even controls the government, educational and religious institutions.  Here in the wilderness of North America, behind every tree you will find satan.  

This awesome power of the wicked makes it hard for the average man to find the right path.  He is besieged with every evil known to man.  In this modern society, people are made to believe that evil is fair seeming.  The book of Isaiah 66:17 reads, "People make themselves holy and prepare themselves for their garden rituals. They go into the garden and devour pork, disgusting things, and rats. They will come to an end at the same time, declares the LORD."  Most of what we see in the form of spirituality in this modern-day Babylon are ritual practices that have no real meaning anymore.  People go to their houses of worship and they are not being fed a spiritual diet that inspires them to seek the divine.  The human family is truly lost in the wilderness or jungle.  

Many people live in a mental jungle of confused, fearful, and neurotic thoughts.  Right thinking will bring order, peace, and harmony into our lives.  When we think in the divine, we will see right results.  When we think in this way, we will have power to reshape creation in the order in which it was made to function.  When we feed on negativity, we get negative results.  When we feed upon the word of God, we get good results.  

When we fill our minds with the word of God and when we act accordingly, we walk in the presence of the Creator.  We become the 'Divine'.  The power that moves the universe is the unlimited creative power within every individual.  By improving ourselves with right knowldege and deep reflection of this knowledge, we learn to tap into these forces that will enable us to change ourselves for the best.  

All groups, psychiatrist, psychologist, physicians, pastors, teachers and healers all draw their abilities from the one universal healing power of God.  They act as intermediaries between us and God.  The religion of Islam teaches man to seek God alone.  We are instructed to fall before him in prayer and submission.  We are reminded of a great Prophet by the name of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, when he was forty years old, Muhammad was in the cave on Mount Hira, located in Saudi Arabia, and an Angel appeared before him.  The Angel, whose name was Gabriel, said to Muhammad: "Read in the name of your Lord who has created everything, who has created man from a clot of blood."  This revelation to him was the bedrock for all Muslims to read and study to rise beyond ignorance and confusion.

When we assume or embrace a relationship with the One God, we embrace eternity itself.    

Whatever we study in the form of thoughts, concepts, and ideas, we must reflect deeply in our subconscious before they can affect us for good or evil.  That's why right knowledge is so important.  Imagine when we are shown proof in the Bible that God forbids us from eating swine (pork) or to come away from the practices of the heathens, i.e. the celebration of Christmas, and we go ahead and violate God's instruction for man anyway.  This is a sign that we do not understand the process that leads us to divinity.  When shown truth, we must develop within ourselves a willing desire to adhere to truth with an immediate action to modify our lives to reflect truth.  When we do this, we align ourselves behind God. We begin to think and act in accord with God's Divine Will. 


The Honorable Louis Farrakhan suggested in his lectures that in the coming 'Kingdom of God', we will raise new institutions that will teach men and women of the God qualities that dwell within them.  Such institutions will provide knowledge that will enable students to reach towards the divinity and beyond.  Such institutions will transform the world.  A knowledge that will enable the human family to evolve from within will take hold of the world in the days to come.  People will flock to this truth by the millions and this modern-day world will go down in ruin.  

Lastly, when we live in a God filled mind, we are exalted into the infinite universe where there is no death; only everlasting life.  We know that God is eternal and he dwells forever in Man.  When we assume or embrace a relationship with the One God, we embrace eternity itself.  We walk in knowingness that we cannot ever die.  We do not worry over death and we go on living our lives to do good.  We live our lives to serve God in realigning ourselves back to God's way and purpose.  

I leave you all with this verse from the Bible, Philippians 4:8, "Finally, Brothers and Sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

May Allah (God) bless us to discover the truths and answers we seek.

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