The Knowingness of The Creator In A Modern World


- by George X Lampkin

In this world, we are governed by laws.  The governments of this world interact with one another and their citizens on the basis of laws.  We see on the horizon a growing cry for freedom, justice and equality.  This crying out suggest that there are imperfections in the law.  At every level of society, we see the miscarriage of justice being played out on innocent people; by those in powerful positions.  

The present day human family is living under a condition that God has never asked another human being to live under.  In recent history, Black People have lived under the worst form of slavery and oppression of any people that ever lived.  The reality of our past and present condition is telling us something.  We have within us a desire to survive whatever our mutual enemy throws our way.

"Now I will sleep beneath your feet, beneath your hands, Oh Lord of the mountains and valleys, Oh Lord of the trees, Oh Lord of the creeping vines. Again tomorrow there will be day, again tomorrow there will be light.  I know not where I wll be.  Who is my mother?  Who is my father?  Only you, Oh God.  You watch me, guard me, on every path, through every darkness, and before each obstacle that you might hide or take away, Oh God, my Lord, Oh Lord ot the mountain and valleys.”  - by Keechi Maya

The late Federick Douglas once said, “The immediate future looks dark and troubled.  I cannot shut my eyes to the ugly facts before me.”  He knew to well the harsh conditions of his day.  He climbed up into perfection within himself by self educating himself.  He even traveled to the northern territories of The United States and join unto a well established abolitionist group; seeking to undermind slavery in the south.  

Frederick Douglas even appealed to leaders in power to enact laws to force the end of slavery and all its evils.  He focused his attention on the laws of the land.  He knew that laws were important because they set a presidence for governments to interact with it citizens.  

In todays world, people are awakening to the reality that man-made laws are imperfect and flawed.  People bear witness that their human rights are being trampled on by powerful government entities.  Civil rights are being derailed and caste aside. all for the interest of special interest groups.  People see corporate interests dominate and influence the government at all levels.  The people of the earth have become tired of corrupt leadership, and they are rising up in protest and demonstration.  What is the solution?

If Your Foundation is This World and This World’s Life, You’re Not Going to Be Successful

The enemy wants us drugged out, over sexed and over stimulated with this world’s activities.  The Honorable Louis Farrakhan tells us, "you’re not looking at the storm clouds gathering above your head. That’s why “Thy Kingdom” can’t come,  because you are disconnected from him who never got disconnected from God.”  

The law of God is meant to heighten our awareness of the Creators’ aim and purpose for humanity.  The enemies of God ratify laws that support indecency and filth.  The entire society is being driven into moral decay because today’s laws support wrong doing.  Evil has become fair-seeming!  Those who reject corrupt laws are seen as unreasonable extremists.  

If we are to break from this present world, we will need to build up our core-strengths to withstand the fall of this world.  If we rely on this world or seek favor from this world, we will find ourselves on the losing side.  God’s divine laws will replace man’s imperfect laws. Look there in the Middle-east.  We see a growing movement amongst Muslims who call themselves, "The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS).  They are turning whole cities towards religious laws; replacing secular laws.  What the media is not telling the masses, is that people are fed up with corrupt secularism and they want God’s divine laws to live by.  

People all over the world are beginning to pay close attention to what’s taking place in the Middle-east; especially in Iraq and Syria.  America’s influence in the Middle-east is declining and nations in other areas of the world are beginning to take notice.  America has become a tyranical power, and nations seek to separate themselves from America's controlling power.  

Secular laws does not work!  The only solution for bringing real peace into the earth is to accept God’s divine laws.  Such laws put everyone on a equal basis.  There are no big I’s or little you’s.  Everyone is equal unto and within the law.  There is no exception to the rule of law.  

When we see the world over, people accepting God’s divine law, we will realize the magnificent presence of God in every area of life.  Social safety nets will be strong, and governments will be headed up by men and women who live by moral and ethical standards.  

For those who reject these new standards, they will suffer a painful chastisement.  1 Corinthians 11:32 reads, "Nevertheless, when we are judged in this way by the Lord, we are being disciplined so that we will not be finally condemned with the world.

1 Peter 5:9 reads, "Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings."

July 04, 2014

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