Breaking The Rules, A Paradigm Shift

There is only one life!  You can wake up to your higher self.  You can be patient; be kind; be wise, and filled with knowingness.  You can walk out of hell into the light.  

It’s important to see the world with fresh new eyes.  

As we look upon this brave new world, we should abandon bitterness and fear.  I am here to tell you that you can walk out of hell into the light.  When you wake up to your higher-self, the world is suddenly full of possibilities; of wonderment; and deep connections.    

None of us have to run away from life, looking to return into our cave-minds.  God wants us to see anew the real world as it really is.  He wants us to embrace the real; to become Change Agents.  It’s up to us to live more abundantly in the presence of change.  

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