BRICS NATIONS, Economic Shift Is Here And Now

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; all members of the BRICS financial club.

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by George X Lampkin, Editor & Chief

You will not be able to read or hear this in mainstream news. On July 15-16, 2014, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) will finalize terms for developing an international banking cartel to create a new financial reserve fund (currency); dumping the U.S. Dollar.

The BRICS Countries Will Contribute at Varying Proportions 

China - $41 billion, Russia - $18 billion, Brazil - $18 billion, India - $18 billion, and South Africa - $5 billion. The New Development Bank by BRICS NATIONS will offer developing nations alternative financing to the International World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This will pose a threat to the U.S. Dollar; which may further devalue the dollar.

"STOP AND THINK! The top tier banks in the United States are carrying in access of $100 trillion in Derivatives exposure. Do you really believe the FDIC will save bank depositors? This scenario is about to go down. This reality will create an upheaval that will send America into its next great civil war.” - by George X Lampkin

From Jacqueline Howard, Facebook Affiliate

Jacqueline Howard shared this revealing news on Facebook, "Since BRICs Jim O’Neil has coined yet another emerging market project named (MINT = Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) to partner with BRICs. Jim explains that despite emerging markets turbulence, that BRICs and MINT are still likely to be the most promising investment destinations over the next decade.

Some setbacks in this lastest development: Russia's annexation of Crimea has put it at risk of sanctions. Turkey and Nigeria have been mired in political squabbles that have hurt their currencies. Nigeria has battled to maintain the naira, spending billions of dollars of its oil-earned forex reserves, inspite of the appointment of Former Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi and his recent suspension. Goodluck on that one. Being a novice in Investment, Emerging Markets and Finance, Hedge Funds and other finance jargan, it is all still interesting.”

Black people must learn group ECONOMICS and group POLITICS.  We cannot rise into POWER until we change our thinking.  We must unite with one another on the basis of GROUP THINKING.

Prospective & Analysis

We will soon witness a parallel financial system; two distinct financial systems that will compete with one another for the right to dominate the world’s flow of goods and services.  These developments are creating a dangerous climate for smaller nations.  Both financial systems will compete against each other; seeking to bring smaller (undeveloped) nations along for the ride.  

The economic shift will be epic in nature, because the great American Empire will see this shift as a blow to it global power status on the global chessboard.  There are people in high places within America’s power construct, who believe that this turn of event is considered a threat to America’s national security.  These ideas and thoughts are provocative in nature; as they suggest a thinking that WAR maybe the solution in challenging the opposition to the banking system of the west, i.e. The International Banking Cartel, The International Bank of Settlements, and The International Monetary Fund (IMF).  

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The greatness of America and the west are declining, fast.  This fall from global dominance will be felt in ways - that will cause people to panic and lose their minds.  This unfolding of events will spark fear and desperation amongst the masses.  People will snap and breakdown under the coming pressures from the economic shift.  

The dollar is declining and events around the world will help it fall even further.  The Middle-east is in turmoil and the oil reserves of the east are being threatened; creating instibility and fluctuation of price indexes in the marketplaces around the world.  The problems in Africa are becoming unglued, as undeveloped nations open their doors to embrace China’s plans for developing infrustructure and trade routes that lead to the far east.  Central & South America has become a hot bed of political rage.  Conditions in the southern regions of North America is becomng terrible; as men, woman and children are being driven into North America because of poverty conditions and violence.


America is facing its eventual end.  Soon, there will be a resetting of the western monetary financial system.  This will bring down the current financial system, as the money-changers will pave the way for a new monetary financial system.  The new system will usher in a slave-labor system, to compete with low-waged societies in third-world nations.  

It’s time we get our cultural house in order.  The coming financial collapse will be a game-changer that will effect our very lives.  The middle-class is now the target, and they will be hit the hardest.  When they find themselves locked out or abandoned by what they consider to be a great system, they will lose their minds, as they will hit the streets with a mindset to overthrow the government.  

The fall of the middle-class will usher in the biggest civil breakdown and revolution we’ve ever seen in these modern-times.  There will be massive lost of life as we go through this transition.  We have to stay focused on what’s developing on the international stage; for such developments will shape our lives on the local-levels.  

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