Ebola Virus, The Systematic Mass Genocide of Africans

by George X Lampkin

America is making it perfectly clear that she holds the key to Africa's future. The treatment and/or cure of the virus will come at a price: GIVE UP CHINA, and any other notion of joining the BRICS Nations and their plan to challenge the U.S. Dollar. America is waging biological warfare against Mother Africa.

Imagine western scientist(s) coming up with a vaccine to give to Africans to stop the flow of the virus. The vaccine may have specific proteins to attack or target the immune system of Africans over a period of time. Imagine if young people line up for this vaccine. This could be catastrophic for Mother Africa. The systematic extermination of nothing new; as we have hindsight to see just how they conquered and exterminated the Native Indians.

Below is The Honorable Louis Farrakhan who speaks to the wickedness of the enemy as they plot to undermine Africa’s march to freedom and independence.  Listen to the clip and be sure to go further down and link on to the social media forum to discuss with others the important issues behind the Ebola epidemic.  

Shannon Nikki Keyes, Citizen Journalist for Worldwide Info Forum said, "I don't think it is singly directed at Africa. I know that FEAR here makes us jump and create with major corporations and an excuse to print and spend money. There is a solid, repeated history of something or some group coming after us. Now that, with the power of social media and technology a lot of it is debunked and fast. You are on the right track. Just like the Man made AIDS scare, Ebola is one of the final ditch maneuvers before a dollar collapse."

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