Iran Showcases Its Military Power

IRGC Warning US

Iran's revolutionary guards launch military manoeuvres in the country's central deserts as part of "preparedness operations".

Iranian state television IRIB showed footage of the soldiers carrying out the exercises in the province of Yazd.

Iran Trains Female Ninjas as Potential Assassins (Video)


Three thousand Iranian women being trained as ninja warriors say they will use their martial arts skills to defend the country if necessary.  More here...

The drills, called Val Fajr, included shooting and artillery practice.

Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the ground forces said the drills were part of annual exercises designed to increase the preparedness of military units.

The IRGC naval forces held 10 days of exercises in the Gulf earlier in January, which came after days after President Barack Obama approved sanctions aimed at stopping countries buying Iranian oil.

The military sowcase comes as Foreign Secretary, William Hague said that Iran could provoke a "cold war" between countries in the Middles East if it continued in its quest to produce nuclear weapons.

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