Jay Electronica, The Allah Team & The Lions Out The Cage Takes on Brooklyn


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Popular recording artist Jay Electronica hit the stage July 12, 2014 to perform at the 10th Anniversary of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in full Fruit of Islam (F.O.I.) uniform. 

As a surprise conclusion to Jay Electronica’s high-energy performance "Jay Z", the leader of ROC NATION joined Jay Electronica on stage to perform songs together, including “We Made It”—a song infused with references from the Nation of Islam’s doctrine and teaching—and the crowd went wild taking the energy level even higher. 

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Jay Electronica & Jay Z Unite At Brooklyn HIp-Hop Festival - The chemistry and camaraderie between the two men was evident.  At a point, Jay Z placed his 'Five Percent Nation' gold and diamond-studded medallion around Jay Electronica’s neck marking a moment in hip hop history displaying unity and brotherhood on a level that had not been seen within the culture in quite some time.

Hear Brother Jay Electronica perform with Jay Z in newest track entitled, “We Made It."


Jay Electronica was flanked by members of the F.O.I. from Harlem’s Muhammad Mosque No. 7, members of the "Allah Team" and "Lions Out The Cage”.  

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Brothers Jay Electronica, Dr. Wesley Muhammad (Allah Team), Martin F. Muhammad & Philip A. Muhammad (The Lions Out The Cage), and The Mighty Fruit of Islam

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