Perspective: Analysis

There is magic in the earth, nobility and unimaginable cruelty.  Mankind has traded away the souls and bodies of men and women; all for profits and power.  

Revelation! It’s a word most people have trouble with.  Some rebel against the very idea that someone can actually see into the future.  If we are to overcome and go beyond our current condition, we must have insight into the future.  

We must challenge everything we now know about what is expected of us.  We must look within us to see this pattern that binds us to a world that is crumbling from massive debt, and a demoralizing culture of violence, sex and greed.

If we are to thrive in the mist of chaos, we must cope or come to grip with reality; and we must decide to succeed in spite of it.  Our supreme objective is to take the choas of this world as given, and learn to thrive and flourish in it.  

The winners of tomorrow will deal proactively with chaos.  Chaos and uncertainty will be around for a long-time.  We have to adjust our sights upon a world that will be both orderly and chaotic.  The two extremes will exist side-by-side, and those who choose to master both realms will be the successful ones.   

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