National Security Strategy Aimed at One Global Elitists’ “New World Order”

Introducing Abraham Sharrieff, Citizen Journalist

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Fellow and Researcher for Ministry of International Affairs.  Director of General Operations at Center for Private Studies, and Founder at SHARRIEFF RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT & APPLIED SCIENCES INSTITUTE.

The 21st Century has been termed, by “EXCEPTIONALISTS”, the American Century.  The Focus of … and in the establishing of a New World Order (under predominantly Anglo Hegemony).

by Mr. Abraham Sharrieff, Citizen Journalist, Fellow and Researcher for Ministry of International Affairs

Among its aims is the making of “refugees” towards shifting, especially, non-white populations who sit atop the worlds’ last natural resources that are needed, by super power(s), for 21st Century domination and beyond. Among the objectives are the re-setting of current borders and establishing a new one(s); so that there is one presiding border, by land, sea, and air — on the North America continent, and with a singular Customs and Immigration (Migration) policy union — governing who can move, travel about, and to seek job (employment) and economic benefit, or to seek political economic benefit(s).

During the late 1990s the aim and focus of the “1st world” nation governments was the coordination of efforts to harmonize national policy, towards increased migration, and the restructuring and control of migration flows — that are anticipated, as a result of increased domestic and regional violence within, on, and between national territories, as well as the instigation of political economic destabilization inside of “2nd”, and “3rd” world countries and nation-states that would, as a result of domestic and economic destabilization occur — as we now see, today.

This economic and social destabilization, that has been referenced, was not a self-fulfilling prophecy; but it is a well planned strategy-implementation that is designed to get at, and to secure, by means of fabricated crisis’ of “terrorism, drug violence, organized crime, or man-made disasters that are fomented with the aim and the objectives of shifting to more favorable control and acquisition — by the securing of raw materials, that would, now (under a “State of Emergency”, or “National Security Emergency”), fall under the control of a singular, but again a more preferable, and a more powerful central government of control … its authority, spanning the entire continent, the region, and the Western hemisphere, and then onto, and finally — throughout the globe."

This plan and stated aim, illustrated above, by the world's top 10% elitists, is well underway, and it is being fully executed, in vigor, as we speak.  Further, this strategy, in action, can be seen in the recent shifts and displacement of major segments of the non-Anglo populations, within the Western hemisphere, but also abroad; of the Indigenous and Native Central Americans.

The US hemispheric aim is to absorb Central America, immediately, and South America eventually, into a single ‘America Union’ — an American Union, that is designed, again, to include the “ENTIRE” Western hemisphere under its unquestionable, unchallenged influence, ideology and dominance in its way, norm and manner of life — this, being among its overall aims and objectives.


A Strategy to Achieve such Machiavellian Aims and Objectives

“The National Security Strategy” is a document prepared periodically by the executive branch of the government of the United States for Congress which outlines the major national security concerns of the United States and how the administration plans to deal with them. 

The legal foundation for the document is spelled out in the Goldwater-Nichols Act. The document is purposely general in content (contrast with the National Military Strategy, NMS) and its implementation relies on elaborating guidance provided in supporting documents (including the NMS).” —

While I have, here, focused particular attention on “The National Security Strategy” of 1997: all NSSDs are part and parcel of the same objective: with an aim towards completing the whole plan for achieving the 21st Century NSS objectives.

1997 (NSSD), in particular, is the strategy document that was produced under the Clinton administration, and initiating the 21st Century plan in vigor.  For this, and other reasons — I’ve raised this strategy document, accompanying other references pertaining to the American continent and hemispheric region, brought succinctly, into focus.  Subsequent NSS documents, that have followed — since the 1997 NSS document, can be located, and accessed on the open internet, and under the same title; only the difference being the year(s), that such documents were produced; Nevertheless, the “AIM” IS, THE “PURPOSE” AND THE OBJECTIVE(S) REMAINING THE SAME, and unchanged.

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