Sister Linda Sarsour, "The Muslim Street Person of The Year"


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"Linda Sarsour, 31, remembers the exact moment when it dawned on her that the terrible events of September 11, 2001, would change her world.  Sarsour, then a student at a local college in Brooklyn, had grown up in the tight-knit Arab American community of Bay Ridge in the suburbs of New York city. She was from a Palestinian American family and fiercely proud of both sides of her identity." - by Paul Harris, theguardian

What Sarsour realized was that Muslim Americans – and Arab Americans in particular – were about to become America's latest ethnic scapegoat.

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Brother Malik Aziz (picture, right) of The Muslim Street featured Sister Sarsour (above), "Many will argue that it was racism and oppression that produced the gem of Malcolm X. Where there is no oppression there is no need for militant struggle. The Streets’ selection of Linda Sarsour, 31, the Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York as Person of the Year speaks into this theme. The climate in America over the last decade has created and even made it necessary for the rise of individuals’ and groups who will respond to state-oppression. 

“This movement needs its’ Malcolm X” she proclaimed on a recent radio interview concerning Muslim involvement in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. For Linda Sarsour, speaking truth to power is not an option but a must. What is compelling and scalable is that as Muslim influence grows in the America landscape so will the presence of it’s’ men and women of big affairs. 

Linda Sarsour is a rock star that has emerged in this context. If the Million Man March of the mid-90’s was the culmination of protest and frustration of the decade’s that proceeded it where Minister Louis Farrakhan led over a million people to the Mall in Washington it will be Linda Sarsour who will lead the next one."

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