The Mother Plane Radio Station, with Hostess Sister Michelle X Darlene

Welcome To Your Conscious Radio Station

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Sister Michelle X Darlene

The Mother Plane Radio is a 24/7 station that's dedicated to sharing messages of truth, spreading conscious music, spoken word, and comedy. Independent music artist in the mix. R & B, Hip hop, Religious, Pop, Jazz and World Music and more! Something for everyone!


- The Ebola Virus, A Biological Bomb

- Why Are We Here, Who Are We?

- The Troubles in Black America!

“Abraham was arrested, and his own family tried to kill him because he refused to worship their gods.

Moses was wanted for murder, so he hid himself for his life.

Jesus was areested, and hung from a wooden cross.

Muhammad IBN Abdullah was falsely accused, so authorities searched him out to kill him.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was arrested for refusing to go to war for the American Government (eventhough He was over the drafting age).

Every Man of God, as well as men and women of truth, has faced persecution, and rejection from the people of the world, and from their own people.

They have been lied on and scorned.  They have been arrested or killed, or both.  Do not fear prison.  Do not fear death.  

Satan uses our fears against us, so do not give them the upper hand.”

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